Are You Making the Right Steps to Financial Freedom?

Here are some major indicators of progress

Everyone desires to achieve financial stability. However, some are not willing to walk the talk. It is said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Therefore, the first step to financial stability is deciding that it is time to focus on your financial goals. It would help if you also defined your plan for financial stability. 

It would help if you had a clear picture of the motive and your end goal to set off on the right foot. Mostly, the motive behind your financial goal comes from your financial ambitions or your mentor. These are the two driving factors that will keep you sane on your walk to financial freedom.

Do not wait for the appropriate conditions for you to start working on your financial dream: this is a recipe for procrastination (an indicator of failure). It is impossible to build a legacy in a day. You need to trust in the process. The small wins in this journey will keep you yearning for more and propel you towards financial freedom. 

Increase Your Income

An increase in your income directly translates to an increase in your financial power. It gives you a taste of financial stability. However, it would be best if you did not allow laxity to creep in once you taste the fruits of your labor. It would help if you utilized the additional income to boost your plan accordingly adequately. Be diligent while re-adjusting your budget for you to get maximum profits. 

Always learn to diversify your earnings. Do not be over-dependent on one stream of income. There are numerous ways that you can increase your income streams. It would be best if you were willing to put in extra effort in your talents, skills, or knowledge to curve yourself an extra opportunity to earn money. 

Remember, using your talents or skills to earn money is not a straight forward task. You need to apply the accounts and marketing aspect of your business to succeed. Be ready to go the extra mile o educate yourself on proper business management techniques lest you count your losses. 

Spend Like a Pauper

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Successful financial management is dependent on the proper handling of the liabilities. You should be able to discern and make adjustments on how to manage your expenses. There are many cost-cutting activities that you can do to ensure that you gradually reduce your liabilities. 

Explore different alternatives that will help you to reduce the expenses. For example, you can use solar panels to cut on the electricity bills. Though the initial cost will be quite expensive, it will guarantee you a lifetime of savings. Research extensively on what the internet has to offer. You will be shocked by the numerous ways you can cut costs. 

Most people are usually caught in the rat race – where an increase in income causes an increase in expenses. It would help if you learned how to cut on your expenses. You should know the difference between what you need and what you want. Often, you entangle yourself in class items or services that you do not need. 

However, it is essential to note that cutting down on your expenses should not deny you your joys and pleasures of life. You only need to be reasonable and accountable in your spending. Be sure to stick to the allocated amount in the budget. Track your expenses periodically to evaluate your financial growth. It will give you an actual picture of your financial progress.

Invest Like a King

Once you learn the value of an investment, you will not hesitate to have more investments. It is a good addiction that will yield good financial fruits. Multiple investments will result in increased sources of income. There is an adequate amount of information about investments, including real estate, property, and company shares. 

You should take time and research various investments to know which type of investment will best suit you. Do not be quick to choose an investment because it worked for someone else. Be diligent and wise in your decision-making. Strive to educate yourself on the numerous investment options in the market. 

Check out the guide below for some beginner tips on investment strategy.

Infographic Provided by Institutional Advisory Services Group

Save With a Purpose

Saving is the latest buzz in the financial world. Your purpose of saving is what will separate you from the average saver. It would help if you ascertained your saving goals within a given time frame. There are several reasons why people save:


Saving for retirement assures you of extra comfort and financial happiness in your old age

Emergency Fund

Most people usually save for their emergency fund. Having an emergency fund puts you at ease in any unfortunate or unexpected incident like losing a job, illnesses, accidents, or difficult economic situations.  It prepares you to handle any situation that comes your way without breaking a sweat, as you will have the financial ability to combat it.


Though the save to invest policy has not spread widely, it is an important skill to learn as it will boost your financial stability. It will be like plowing back your profits into the business. It will increase your sales and profits while also expanding your investment boundaries. 


“All work without play makes a fatigued saver.” You can save for your vacation, tour, road trip, or your travels. Relaxing and rejuvenation are very important to your body. It will relieve you of the daily hustles’ tensions and set you up for the next phase of success. 

Buying an Asset

Acquiring assets can sometimes be a difficult task to handle. You need to have enough money to purchase or paying the down payment. Most people buying houses or vehicles typically commit themselves earlier to saving to raise the deposit for the house or vehicle total amount.. 

The bottom line, you should always have a purpose for your saving. Your purpose should always reflect the right financial decisions.

Choose Your Creditors WiselyPeople will often encourage you to borrow to finance your projects. Borrowing in itself is not an illegal practice. But, it would be best if you always considered your financial position and the reason for borrowing. Do not borrow without having a solid plan for the money or how to pay it back. 

Please write down your plan and investigate its feasibility in the market. Visit the creditors and analyze their terms and conditions. Though you may have good intentions, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with a lot of debts. It may take a toll on your finances and pull you down instead of boosting your financial goal. 

There are times that you will be caught in different creditor problems due to your mighty ambitions. Fret not. There are several institutions like the IVA that can help you to consolidate plans and clear your debts. How can you apply for an IVA? It is as simple as visiting their website to check on your qualification status and the requirements. They will help you have an easy time clearing your debts and getting back on your feet. 

Have An Inspiring Mentor

It would help if you were careful while choosing your mentor. A mentor should always strive to give you proper guidance and challenge you to be better. It would help if you had a role model to look up to and draw inspiration and motivation to do better every day. 

Embrace Change

You should be flexible in your financial journey. It is vital to understand that there will always be changes that will positively or positively impact you. You need to evaluate and choose the changes that will best suit your financial plan. 

Do not be rigid. Investigate the loopholes of the negative changes and create a business opportunity for yourself. Always be alert for opportunities that might arise and be ready to pounce on them. It would be best to embrace digital changes that will promote your investments or plans to greater heights. 

Be Positive

Being positive is a general rule of life and money: keep going regardless of the current situation. Avoid negative vibes that may spoil or disrupt your groove. 

Ensure that you surround yourself with positive people. Their positive aura will rub off you and create a positive and productive mood in which you can thrive. This mood can also increase your self-confidence. Seek for people with the same goals to share your ideas and help each other grow financially. 

Yearn For Knowledge

Financial literacy is a primary component of any financial success. It would help if you were willing to increase your financial knowledge through reading books, attending seminars, or going back to school. Your knowledge of hunger dictates how much you are willing to grow financially. 

Have the right attitude towards constructive criticism. Filter and learn to pick the lessons in any setting. Rejoice in your little achievements as you build up to your bigger goal. Avoid demeaning or blaming yourself when something goes wrong. 

It would be best if you remembered that there is no perfect plan. Control what is within your reach and make sure that it works to your advantage. It is a challenging task that requires utmost dedication and focuses for you to succeed. Remember, financial success is a marathon, not a sprint. 

are you making the right steps to financial freedom
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