Arrive In Style: A Guide to Looking and Feeling Great in All Your Journeys

So are you struck with wanderlust? Isn’t it an absolute great feeling to breathe in the open sky, take a dip in the cool waters, befriend one from another species, and, just know that the journey has just begun?

Arrive In Style: A Guide to Looking and Feeling Great in All Your Journeys

Now imagine, enjoying this slice of heaven, while feeling heavenly, and über stylish in your own skin. Traveling is fun, but traveling comfortable and cool is even better. While you will be covering different terrains, countries and climatic conditions, it’s very important you know what you should be carrying, and wearing while seeing the world.

Here we give you a quick lowdown on the staples of the different kinds of journeys you will undertake, and what are the must-haves when taking exclusive vacations.

When It’s All About Adventure

There’s a lot of thought that goes in the packing of adventure trips. You will be trekking, passing forests, crossing rivers, cycling on rough terrains, and taking a nap in the sleeping bag. Obviously your clothes cannot be something fancy. It has to be comfortable, practical and ones that can undergo some serious wear-and-tear.

Think water-resistant jackets, hiking pants, full sleeve shirts, and cycling shorts. When you are embarking on adventure travel, do remember that over-sized and loose is not an option. They can snag on to protruding and sharp edges and cause you to fall and hurt yourself. However, make sure all your clothes are breathable, and not too tight either.

Pick colors and silhouettes that complement you. Black and military prints are the ultimate favorites, and help you hide and camouflage in challenging conditions. Carry a bright-colored water-resistant jacket. One or two pullovers is also a good idea.

Sports shoes, and hiking boots will give you good grip and prevent you from slipping. If your trip involves long distance biking, we suggest, carry helmets too. A few sports caps are utilitarian, and well enhances your style quotient. Adventure clothes are all about poise and sharpness, so make sure you pick items that reflect your style and reverberates with energy.

It’s Just Going to Be A Lot of Sun, Sand and Sea

Beaches are the destination for ultimate luxury and lazy times. They are beautiful and infinite. One can really spend hours basking in the sun, and enjoying the sand and sea. While women seem to have mastered the art of beach style, with their gorgeous bikinis, and elegant sarongs, men still have some distance to cover.

Beach travel is all about rest, peace, luxury and maybe a whiff of water sports here and there. All this will be a lot more fun if you are dressed right.

Begin with bidding goodbye to loud trunks, droopy shorts, and clinging briefs. Stock up on loose cotton shirts (No! I am not talking about the horrendous floral Hawaii shirts) and board shorts. They are the beach staples for men, and is effortlessly chic and stylish.

A nice summer hat, a pair or two of A&F thongs or flip-flops, some nice eyewear and a good old tan should complete the beach look nicely. Also remember to pack light, and take clothes that dry easily when you are headed to the beach.

A Romantic Cruise

From sunset dinners, to snorkeling to gala nights and a bit of dancing, you will have to do it all while on the fabled romantic cruises. A cruise is the time to let go and bring out the glam and luxe factor in your dressing. Make sure to pack feminine and elegant summer dresses, crisp and sharp shirtdresses, and lots of scarves when you are packing for the cruise. Chic footwear and subtle jewelry will add charm to the look.

Coming to the men, a well-fitted white shirt should be the first addition to your cruise wardrobe. Cruises are one of those once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Suits for men are the choice of attire in such formal and sophisticated situations. Invest in a few classy suits and pack them well, for the cruise.

Look dapper in the evenings, and use the jackets with linen shirts in the morning to look cool and classy. Board shorts are extremely versatile. You must get a few of these to team up with regular collared shirts and nice pair of shades while you are sunbathing on the deck.

With the water outside, and the luxurious pools inside, there are a lot of chances you will be taking a dip more than once. Carrying a few good trunks will pay off well.

Finally do not forget to pack some quirky hats and suave sunglasses. You will be all set to become the sleek and stylish traveler on board.

A Glimpse Into The Past

Many of us love to take historical expeditions. To see walls and fortresses where monarchs lived, and scandals occurred, to visit ruins that once were great civilizations, to witness battlefields where blood was shed and destinies were determined, is a huge adrenaline rush for many, me included.

But, like they say pragmatism is important to enjoy all aspects of life. Practical clothes need to be worn, when you are embarking on an adventure of this kind. Khaki pants, safari jackets, cargoes, sunglasses, caps and cotton shirts are an absolute must.

Travel vests with many pockets are not just high on style, but also in utility. Invest in one of these to keep your map, your torch, your keys, your notebook and much more in place. You will be thankful for your travel vest, if you happen to get lost or, fall in a dangerous situation.

Most historical expedition clothing is unisex. Field jackets, rugged shirts, stressed jeans, convertible cargo trousers, spiked trekking boots, travel loafers and boat shoes will be much-needed as you proceed in your journey.

Carry hooded, and insulated jackets along, if you will be traveling in an area that’s going to be cold. Woolen gloves may be a good idea too. Do not forget to carry the travel wallet. Finally, romp up the style quotient with a ranch hat.

Final Thoughts

When you are passionate about traveling, you pay heed to every minute detail of the process. That’s what an avid traveler does, the preparations is what makes it all the more exciting. So, get ready, pack your bags and make it one incredible and stylish journey to remember!

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