Art Therapy: The Creative Way to Better Yourself

Art therapy, a type of therapy becoming increasingly more popular in Ajax, as new studies roll out affirming its effectiveness. Art therapy is relatively straightforward: it directs clients to express themselves through various means of art, from clay-making to video diaries, all to provide a meaningful outlet. Especially for children who have experienced trauma, and may not yet have the vocabulary to verbalize what has happened to them, they may find a great deal of solace in Art Therapy.

But Art Therapy is by no means simply for children and adults who find they have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Everyone can benefit from Art Therapy and individuals are encouraged to seek out a health centre like Integrate Health Services here in Ajax, that can offer Art Therapy in a safe and therapeutic space. Art therapy is also especially effective for people who are non-verbal, such as those who have a diagnosis of Autism, or individuals who have a diagnosis of Elective Mutism, a refusal to speak in social situations, or Selective Mutism, which is a failure to speak in social situations, usually associated with Social Anxiety Disorder.

Overall, Art Therapy is effective because art imagery allows second and third parties to see into the person’s mind in a way that would be unavailable otherwise. Sometimes even verbally describing an image is not enough, and expressing yourself through art can be much more effective. There is also a saying that art is a child’s first language, and it is true that it often is easier for a child to demonstrate what happened to them or act out their emotions through drawing or painting images of it, or using toys. Generally, clients also have a better chance of feeling understood and letting the cathartic process flow through means like Art Therapy, and once this occurs, this can improve their emotional well-being.

Expressing yourself through art is also often very relaxing.  Throughout the sessions, the therapist gives a certain assignment – such as making a puppet, clay making, painting, etc. – and sometimes adds an ongoing assignment to be done at every session – such as an art-book, or some other large project. However, Art Therapy is not like a fine arts program in which you’re expected to do your best to copy an object down; that would be extremely counterproductive, as not all art therapy clients are actual artists, but people trying to explore themselves through various means of art. Like just about any type of therapeutic service, the point of Art Therapy is to relax and let go and express yourself.

Therapy services in Ajax, like Art Therapy, is available for those in who need it, and consists of various therapeutic approaches, some of which (like Art Therapy) are more creative, and some of which are more traditional – it’s truly up to the individual to find out what works best. If you need professional help, you should seek services that are best for you and/or your child.  All you need to do to find services  is contact a clinic within the area and do a bit of research. Everyone has the right to effective therapy. 

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