ASDM Beverly Hills Detox and Renew Charcoal Mask Review

ASDM Beverly Hills Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask Review

We have had the pleasure of reviewing the Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask from ASDM Beverly Hills free of charge in exchange for our review and a giveaway! All opinions, as usual, are 100% our own.

Just like the website says, “Even after one use you’ll be hooked!” The charcoal mask is made it revitalize tired and dull skin, increase circulation, detoxify your skin, shrink pores, and plump out those wrinkles and yes, your skin will absolutely love it!

ASDM Beverly Hills Charcoal MaskI coerced the tween into trying out the mask with me (although he wouldn’t let me take his picture lol) and while I’m not all that crazy about sharing my own photo, I’m going to anyway!

Make sure your face is clean before applying the mask. ASDM has a charcoal cleanser to clean your skin before applying the mask. Pat your skin dry and then using the included fan brush, apply a very thin layer of the charcoal mask over your entire face, being sure to avoid your eyes and nostril area. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you can leave it on for as little as 2 minutes or as long as 10 minutes.

Tre only left his on for about 2 minutes but I left mine on for about 5 minutes. It dries rather quickly, so you need to be sure to get your entire face covered good. My face did feel a little warm but it wasn’t an uncomfortable sensation – it’s one of the ways you can tell it is working and increasing the circulation to your face. Any redness afterwards subsides within a few minutes. I had very little redness at all. When you’re finished, follow up with the charcoal moisturizer.

Tre and I both loved the way our skin felt afterwards. He couldn’t believe how soft my face was and he actually said, “Mom, you’re glowing!” Talk about making this 40-something momma feel good! The mask has a beautiful peppermint scent to it that I enjoyed, but I can see why the directions warn you to keep it away from your nostrils and eyes.

The mask is formulated to help fight acne (great for tweens and teens) and is formulated with activated charcoal which actually attracts toxic substances in the skin, extracting and encapsulating excess sebum, bacteria and impurities. It also includes green tea extract, artichoke extract, pomegranate extract, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera extract, the peppermint we mentioned and more.

ASDM Beverly Hills

ASDM Beverly Hills was founded in 1998 by Alexandra Marquis after months of regular doctor visits and countless products to help with the skin condition she developed after years of excessive sun exposure without proper  protection called melasma. Her husband had a passion for natural medicine, and he convinced her to try one of the facial creams he had been working on. After two months of daily usage, she began to notice the discoloration was fading substantially, and by the 4th month it was well under control and her skin felt and looked more radiant than ever before.

Inspired by the results, she began giving her secret cream to friends that happened to suffer from similar conditions. It wasn’t long before people literally began knocking on her door to buy the cream, and ASDM Beverly Hills was born! Known for using 100% pure oils and essential oils, selective organic ingredients and fruit extracts, potent vitamins and the latest cutting edge active ingredients harsh preservatives and synthetic ingredients are always avoided to maintain each product’s integrity.

Visit the ASDM Beverly Hills website and check out all the amazing products that they have available or connect with them via your favorite social media channel!

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  1. Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Review of This ASDM Charcoal Face Mask, I Really Appreciate it! My Skin Really Needs All of the Help it Can Get Right Now! When I Was a Teenager I Never Struggled With Acne but Here I Am Struggling With Acne While I’m in My Mid-30’s and It Has Left Me With Those Annoying Acne Scars! I’m Always Looking for Something That Will Help to Fade Those Acne Scars So I Wonder and if This Mask Might Help With That! I Have Hypothyroidism and it Has Left My Skin Dry So it Would Be Nice if it Would Help With That! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

  2. This sounds amazing!! Im always looking for anything and everything to shrink my pores…. hate pores so so so much!!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I think I need to get some for myself. Maybe some for my mom for Christmas, too!

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