Asking For Help As We Age (It’s No Bad Thing)

We are on a precipice of sorts. For all the people that are more than keen to share their struggles online, there are others that feel they’ve got to tackle the problems they face all by themselves. Sometimes the approach is simple; when it comes to a specific health problem, we go and pick up the right supplements, and the problem is solved. But as we get older, this attitude of looking after ourselves, and feeling too proud to admit we need help on occasion is a very dangerous thing. So, with this in mind, we need to get it into our heads that asking for help isn’t a bad thing. As we get older, we are susceptible to more illnesses and ailments. So, let’s start to provide some clarity for you.

There Is Always Support

In a professional sense, we’ve never been more spoiled! Whether you are loath to admit you’ve got a hearing problem, there is an audiologist or hearing specialist around the corner. If we have concerns with our mental health, there’s more material out there aiming to break down the barriers. And if it’s yourself or someone else in your life that isn’t feeling able to cope, and is of the inclination that bottling up is the best approach, we have to take those little steps towards getting help. After all, help is there for us and we just have to reach out for it.

Altering Our Mindset

It’s that stiff upper lip approach. If we can accomplish a task or overcome a problem by ourselves, then it fills us with pride. No one is disagreeing with this, but there are limits. Improving our resilience is a fantastic thing in life, as is getting out of our comfort zone. But overcoming problems is indicative of a positive or pragmatic mindset. If we shut off our receptiveness to new ideas and practices, we will never find the right solution to our ailments, whether it’s mental or physical. And as easy as it is to say that we have to adopt a positive mindset, we’ve all got our own thoughts as to what this entails. On a simple level, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but it’s about learning the best approach to overcome a problem. Your problem-solving skills will increase infinitely. And perhaps this is a better way to define asking for help.

Practicing It

Learning how to overcome a problem isn’t something we do once. In life, it happens all of the time, but it’s about climbing up a bigger and bigger mountain each time. But this means we’ve got to start small. If you can ask for help with a little thing, this means that you are able to start opening up to the possibility of support. And this is why we’ve got to learn the art of asking for help. As we get older, the temptation can be to retreat inwards, which leads to isolation, mental health problems, and so on. If we can learn how to ask for help with a small thing first, this brings our defenses down slightly, and as we get older, we can begin to get the help that we really deserve.

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.

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