Back To School Tax Free Holidays 2013

Is your state one of the ones participating in the Back to School Tax FREE Shopping holiday? Check below for a full listing of participating states.

 Why Should I Shop Now?

If you have multiple children, or a long list of school supplies you need, then you know that being able to save 4 to 7% off your school supplies adds up, quick!

In the United States, these tax free holidays usually take place during August to help parents (and teachers) save on their back to school supplies and clothing. The best way to tackle a tax free holiday is by:

  • Make a list of all school supplies needed
  • Make a list of clothing and shoe sizes you will need
  • Check your local newspaper or online store sales advertisements for the best deals
  • Plan which stores you will be going to and in which order (some stores have flash sales during these holidays for specific hours only)

Remember, not all states offer the same tax break. Check your local state for specifics on clothing and supply limits and what is and is not covered.

Alabama – August 2 to August 4

Arkansas – August 3 to August 4

Connecticut – August 18 to August 24

Florida – August 2 to August 4

Georgia – August 9 to August 10

Iowa – August 2 and August 3

Louisiana – August 2 and August 3

Maryland – August 11 to August 17

Mississippi – July 26 to July 27

Missouri – August 2 to August 4

New Mexico – August 2 to August 4

North Carolina – August 2 to August 4

Oklahoma – August 2 to August 4

South Carolina – August 2 to August 4

Tennessee – August 2 to August 4

Texas – August 9 to August 11

Virginia – August 2 to August 4

Happy Shopping and Happy Saving to you!

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