Bathroom Design, Make It Modern And Fresh!

Some tips to guide you in the process of designing the bathroom of your dreams

The bathroom characterization process is determined by a clear design style. Are you planning to renovate or build a new bathroom? Wondering which color, style, or material to choose? Here are some points to think about and tips that will guide you in the process of designing the bathroom in your home. 

Bath or Shower

Before starting the bathroom design process, it is very important to define your needs. Which type of bathroom would you like? What is its size? Is it a bathroom adjacent to the master suite, is it a main bathroom used mainly by the children, or is it a bathroom designed for guests. In some cases, the space in the house allows you to design a bathroom that contains both a shower and a bath, but sometimes you have to choose between the two – so it is important that you ask yourself how you want to use the space. It depends if you would like to include toilets in the bathroom as well, or would you prefer to separate the spaces. If you have a large family, separating the toilet from the shower/bath area will allow several members of the household to get organized at the same time, thus saving valuable time in the morning. These are all questions that are important to ask yourself before the process of designing bathrooms in your home.

Mark Anchor Points

Before starting the design process, it is important to consider the space available to you. In order to better understand this, it is important to take measurements and refer to all the anchors available to you. The meaning of anchors is all the elements that do not change, and that must be taken into account in the process of planning and designing a bathroom. Do you need new plumbing? If so, you should consider looking at Cathedral Plumbing. Do you need new walls? 

Define the Style

This is definitely the most exciting and creative stage in the process, at this stage you decide what atmosphere and “vibe” you would like to feel inside the room, and how your personal style in the space will be reflected. Many design styles can be a conceptual framework for bathroom design, and it is important to choose one style and stick to it in order to have a coherent and pleasing look. It is also important to keep the ‘frame story’ in light of all the design choices. Your bathroom can be influenced by a modern design style characterized by a minimalist style, with light shades and clean lines. Another style is where you can create combinations of natural materials like wood and wrought iron windows with a Belgian profile, and characterize the space with pastel shades and floral textile patterns. In addition to style, it is always possible to combine trends, but it is important to do so wisely. Seasonal design is recommended to combine with elements and accessories for the bathroom such as a sink, or glass partition and avoid a dominant design on fixed elements in the bathroom – so you can replace and renew frequently, without investing large sums of money.

The Color Sets the Tone

Once you have designed the bathroom structure, the next critical step is choosing the colors and textures of the space. To make an informed decision that will mimic the general atmosphere in the bathroom, create color weights and textures by discounting the materials and colors that will be used. It is important to remember and take into account all the elements you will use including the faucets, wall tiles, bath or shower, and even the fittings and decoration that you will use at the end of the renovation. Create several variations to determine what the dominant color will be.

bathroom design, modern, fresh

Colors will indeed complement the design with highlights, and this will greatly affect the atmosphere in the bathroom. Try to use colors in other areas of the house such as the kitchen to create a sequence and connection between different spaces in the house. The color of the bathroom of course will also be reflected in the color of the decorations. Because the bathroom is a room that is exposed to conditions such as humidity, and frequent climate change, it is important to use good paints. These paints effectively deal with mold and fungus damage and are also green and eco-friendly paints! It is amazing what a lick of paint can do, so is it time yet to upgrade your bathroom?

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