Batten Down the Hatches!

People often say that water is the most powerful force in the world. It can devastate almost as without trying. We all know that lightning is a force that is terribly loud and has extreme force wherever it lands. We know that the sun can literally cook living things alive and that heat waves are no joke. All of these things we prepare the home for and our way of life. Whether it’s buying shades that we can flip open outside or put sandbags all around the edges of our ground floor, we know how to get ready for them.

It’s a shame then that we overlook strong winds. It’s an invisible force that we cannot see coming but only feel it’s wrath. Even the home needs some more protection against just a fast-moving breeze. Think of a giant force hitting a solid object, that’s the kind of action that is happening to your home when strong batter the sides of it.

The Close Proximity Danger

Look around your home, what are the nearest things that could be turned into projectiles? Branches from trees, loose pebbles, loose pieces of roof tiles, pieces of a broken wooden fence and or small garden items like gnomes, statues and or wind chimes. When you know that severe winds are on the horizon or even when a hurricane is coming towards you, all of these things need to be prepared for. Drag inside the loose garden items that you use to decorate the outside. Make sure that if there are any loose pieces of fence or tile, you pick them off using your hands and bring them inside.

Shut Away Appliances

If you’re doing a bit of gardening but can sense very strong gusts hitting your home, you need to move appliances indoors. It’s not just garden clippers or spades, you should move the lawn mower inside too somewhere. You’d be surprised just how much force a 60mph wind has let alone 100mph+. If you cannot move some things inside such as a barbecue grill, then try to weigh them down using sandbags, bricks and even giant sacks of soil or garden mulch. You may need to chain some things down like an outdoor bar or even the garden seating.

Enforce and Push Against

The garage door might be one big hunk of metal or wood, but against the wind, it’s pretty fragile. A garage door can look like the Hulk punched it when a strong gailforce wind hits it. A flat piece of material going against a fast powerful wind could mean you need to do an immediate garage door repair. The repair options are fixing bent panels, replacing broken springs and repairing or replacing the electronic and mechanical parts of the door. If the garage door button isn’t working you won’t be able to drive your car in or out of it.

protect home from wind damage

Protecting your home against the wind can seem trivial until you doubt is the downfall of your home. That’s why taking these measures seriously could save you a ton of money but also mean you are less likely to be in a dangerous environment.

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