Be Light Conscious And Look Good Doing It!

Being energy conscious is something we do without even being aware of it, but with the summer months just around the corner, it’s time to go all out in your efforts. We can all agree that getting yourself prepared for the summer is one thing, looking fresh in the sun is always the most fun part of the warmer months, but you can also be a little more environmentally friendly whilst you’re at it!

You see, we output a lot more in the summer months, being away from work and if you have kids they’ll be home from school, meaning your bills can rack up! With that in mind, here’s some of the best tips for looking good, with your home sporting that beach ready body, and conserving as much energy as possible.

brighter rooms and softer lighting

Change Your Lighting Arrangements

What kind of lightbulbs do you have in your home? Are they energy efficient bulbs? LEDs? Maybe you simply don’t know and just buy the cheapest ones? No matter what you’re using to light up your rooms, there’s usually a better alternative for both your money and the environment just waiting on the supermarket shelves.

A hefty amount of your bills will go towards lighting up your rooms, so you want to make absolutely sure you’re not wasting any energy. This is just money you’re throwing away at the end of the day, so even if the better bulbs are a little dearer, it’s definitely worth the price.

And not only will your energy consumption change, but also how your lighting looks. When bulbs have an energy rating in the A band, you’re going to have brighter rooms and softer lighting when you need to. No more harsh lighting that gives you headaches!

use cellular shades to protect your electronics and furnishings from UV rays

Protect Your Possessions From Sunlight

In the same way that we need sunlight to thrive, we need it in small doses! And that means you’re going to need to protect both yourself, your house, and everything in it from the constant exposure to natural light. At the same time you want to make sure you’re trapping as much natural heat and light inside your rooms as possible. But how can you do both at once?

Investigate some of the solutions at to get some home decor you know you love that’ll keep the harshest of the sun’s rays out of your windows. You’ll still feel all the warmth you need, but now you know you’re not going to boil everything in your house alive because of it. Just like our skin, UV rays does wonders both good and bad to inanimate objects, so keep an eye out!

Every house has lighting elements to it, whether you like the natural or artificial variety. Try to make sure you’re not overheating or lighting your possessions to better balance your room out and make it a lot cheaper on yourself! Throwing away products because the light exposure has drained them of their color or use is never a good sign.

So when the summer heat finally rolls into town to stay, making a few changes to your window treatments and the light bulbs that you use can make a huge difference in your monthly electric bill. These changes will enable you to have some additional money to spend during the summer doing something you enjoy, instead of sweltering in the heat!

Be light conscious before the summer heat arrives and look good doing it! Changing your light bulbs to a higher energy star rating provides you brighter rooms with a softer light. In addition, heat-reducing window treatments will keep the UV rays out of your home and away from your furnishings and electronics.

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