Beach Holiday: How to Protect Your Baby Girl’s Skin

Taking your children on a beach vacation maximizes your fun. It is like taking some fish and chips. Even when it is all fun and games, you need to understand that your child’s skin is delicate, hence taking the proper steps towards protecting their skin. If your baby girl is younger than six months, you may have to take more caution than when they are five years of age. Here are more tips to protect your baby girl’s skin while on the beach vacation.

Use Child-Friendly Sunscreen

I bet you are as surprised as I am. Yes, babies also need sunscreen. It is recommended that you put sunscreen on your baby’s skin if they are six months and above. This is because younger children have an increased sensitivity to chemical and sunlight exposure. To minimize the side effects, you need to visit your pediatrician and know the most suitable sunscreen for your baby. As you apply sunscreen on your baby, you should cover all open areas, even behind the ears.

Limit their Outdoor Time

The sun is the most powerful and hottest between 10 AM and 2 PM. During this time, you need to keep your baby away from direct sunlight as it may cause sunburns. If you must be at the beach, ensure that you get a baby beach tent to protect your baby girl. Big babies can play at the beach with adequate sunscreen on their skin.

Carry Your Shade to the Beach

Always carry your shade to the beach. While the sun’s scheduling is regular, sometimes you may experience longer days or a change in the weather. Do not forget to carry your beach shade as you head out.

Select Sun Safe Clothing for Your Baby Girl

Clothing is also essential while at the beach. While most people prefer to be minimally dressed, your children may not be ready for the sun, sand, and water. Carry your baby girl dresses, sandals, towels, and a robe in case the weather changes. Big babies love to play in the sand and water, and it can be a little hectic having them seated in one place all the time. As such, you need to apply sunscreen on their skin once in ninety minutes. You should also carry a change of your babies’ girl’s dresses in case of anything.

Hydrate Your Baby

Keep your baby hydrated at all times. Since plain water can be distasteful for children, you can spice it up with some juice or natural juice. It has good taste, and your children will love it. Let them take a few sips of the fluid every thirty or forty-five minutes.

Watch Your Baby

Keep an eye on your baby. As we said earlier, the environment may be unfamiliar for them. It has sand, insects, and other small water creatures. Constantly check on them and look out for any marks on their skin.

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A happy baby makes a happy parent. Since the beach may be an unfamiliar environment for your child, you need to protect them and watch for any reactions. While you may be used to the sun, your children are more prone to developing sunburns, allergies, and effects while at the beach. As a parent, you need to be at the forefront of protecting your baby girl at the beach.

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