Beat the Check-In Lines at the Airport with this MUST-HAVE Piece of Luggage!

Airports can be stressful places to be even regardless of whether you are travelling for business or pleasure! Security checks, queues and the seemingly endless sea of people around you can cause some people’s blood pressure levels to sky-rocket. Add to this the stress and hassle associated with having to check on your luggage and you can potentially have a recipe for disaster! 

The Standard Luggage Company have devised one way in which your airport experience can be made that little bit easier and we have to say, it’s revolutionary! The Carry-on Travel Backpack is one of the most innovative pieces of luggage that we’ve ever come across and here’s why! This piece of luggage is like the Holy Grail of luggage and that’s no exaggeration. This is because not only does it function as a hard-wearing and stylish-looking backpack, it can be easily converted into a suitcase or a shoulder bag meaning you are getting three items of luggage for the price of one! Not only that, but its size and dimensions means that it falls within the necessary carry-on luggage size requirements. No more checking on luggage, yet you don’t have to leave half of your belongings at home either!

Because the Carry-on Travel Backpack is so versatile, it can be used for those weekend getaways, overnight flights, student trips and much more. It has a sliding and removable laptop pocket which can hold up to a 15” laptop or notebook very comfortable and more importantly, securely. With a capacity of 35L, the luggage compartment is roomy enough to carry all the essentials for your trip plus a bit more. If you find you need a little extra room, you can expand the size of the backpack by an additional 10L of capacity which will definitely address your packing needs. In addition, the backpack has built-in compression straps to ensure that your possessions are secure while in transit.

For the style-conscious traveler, the Carry-on Travel Backpack includes two leather accent colors of teal and orange which are completely interchangeable if you fancy a change of look for your backpack. The exterior of the backpack itself is constructed from a durable form of nylon which is water resistant as well as hard-wearing. All the hardware on the backpack such as the buckles, clips and zips are of high quality and won’t let you down which is good to know especially if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a suitcase buckle or a backpack strap break!

Such is their confidence in this product that the Standard Luggage Company will stand over the quality and material used by offering a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee on the Carry-on Travel Backpack, giving you that additional peace of mind.

When buying luggage online, why not visit the Standard Luggage Company website where you can browse their full range of luggage as well pick up some useful travel tips and advice in their range of articles on the Standard Luggage blog. 

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