Become a Fashionista with Bratz Dress Up Games

Any girl can become a fashionista with the latest interactive Bratz dress up games. After all, Bratz are the only girls with a passion for fashion, and each one showcases their own unique style and standout look and personality.

At the official Bratz website, there’s a huge range of different online games to play. They’re all free and do not need to be downloaded, and instead can be opened in the Internet browser and played instantly.

Bratz Doll Collection

Bratz Dress Up Games

With Bratz Fashion Designer, you choose your character and then select from a huge range of different clothing choices and accessories. You can then add your own colors and patterns, and create a unique and one of a kind look with endless options and possibilities.

In the Bratz Kidz Gettin Ready dress up game, you have a limited amount of time to find the right clothing and accessories in a room to match a specific style. Look in drawers and on desks and everywhere else to get that winning fashion wardrobe and look.

Conduct your own fashion shoot with the Bratz Style ‘N Snap Studio. With this game you choose your favorite Bratz doll and then enter a prop room, add some props to the background, choose your lighting and then snap away, using a camera to focus, zoom in and out, and take all kinds of fun fashion shots. The photos can then be edited, and can even be downloaded to your own computer to use for wallpapers, prints or anything else.

Some of the games get even more interactive. For example, the Bratz Masquerade 3D fashion makeover game uses the webcam on your computer, and downloadable and printable masks, so your girls can put them on and take silly pictures and have some great fun.

Of course, in addition to those games, there’s the Bratz Fashion Boutique game for Nintendo DS systems, Bratz Style Stars apps for smartphones and tablets, and more. Now your girls can take Bratz with them on the move, wherever they go.

You can even get the Bratz All Glammed up Fashion Design Sketchbook, so any girl’s fashionista side can come out in person, as they showcase their own style, flair and creativity by creating their own fashion designs and looks.

Maybe it’s just a passion for fashion, maybe it’s a real hobby they’ll have for a whole lifetime, or maybe it’s even a future career in the worlds of fashion, art, or both! Either way, anyone can get started and become a fashionista with the huge array of Bratz games and dress up games available right now.

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