Been Having a Play Today…

Been having a play today with my Incredimail and Outlook programs trying to decide which I want to use on a full-time basis.  I love the fact that with Incredimail I can use a variety of skins for the holidays and have different letters to use, but I’ve been noticing that I am using less and less letters and just using the signature tags that a bunch of talented individuals create for me – which got me to thinking that instead of dealing with all the headaches Incredimail gives me by crashing every couple of weeks (probably because I have too much stuffed into the style boxes!) that I would just save myself the heartache and use Outlook instead.  But I haven’t made up my mind yet because apparently there is an issue with my Outlook program – so I’m in the process of searching for the disc to reinstall it and see if that will fix the issues.  If I find it, and the reinstall fixes it, then I’ll be switching to Outlook for the next month of so and seeing how things go from there.  If I cannot find it, and I cannot fix it, I suppose I won’t have a choice but to keep on using Incredimail and hope and pray that they come out with a calendar program that works in conjunction with their e-mail program as well – because that is what I really need!

I will hopefully be getting Christmas cards mailed out this week – I know, I’m running behind (what else is new right?) – but they should all be out hopefully by the end of the week.  This is the last week of school for the children until January 2, 2012 – and I am already dreading the thought of being home with the two of them for two weeks.  T. is already starting to act like a royal pain in the toosh all because he cannot have noodles for dinner tonight because I’ve fixed chicken breast, stuffing and corn on the cob!  If he thinks he can throw a temper tantrum to get what he wants for dinner, he has another thought coming!  He’ll end up in bed before that happens!

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