Benefits of Investing in Quality

It is all too easy to tell yourself you can’t afford the upgrade you really want. Instead you choose the furniture that is the least expensive, the flooring that doesn’t have the stain protection, the least expensive mobile device, and a vehicle that doesn’t quite fit your needs. These are the little compromises we tell ourselves are necessary to be a responsible adult and prioritize our spending. The truth is entirely different. The most responsible thing you can do to secure your financial future is to steadily upgrade the quality of your purchases in every area of your life.  


Furniture is one of the places where the level of quality is clear. Well-made furniture, like that from, can last decades longer than the less expensive options from big box stores. The initial investment will be more but not prohibitively so and the dividends more than make up for the upfront cost. If you purchase a chair that is less expensive than dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, you will likely have to replace it within a couple of years. Whereas if you wait and purchase one that you truly love and which is made to last you will have it for a decade or more.


Most people don’t give a lot of thought to what they walk on every day unless something happens to stain or ruin it. What they don’t always take into consideration is the powerful impact the type of flooring in a home can have.

This is especially true for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies or who has an allergy to dust mites. Carpeting is a breeding ground for dust mites and can make asthma and allergies dramatically worse. It can also trap outdoor allergens and pet dander making symptoms worse for those sensitive to them. Hardwood and tile flooring are better for those who suffer from allergies and they are more durable. Unfortunately, many people opt to have lower quality carpeting installed because of the substantial financial savings.


Technology has been integrated into virtually every facet of our daily lives and the cost of keeping up can be overwhelming. While it is certainly not necessary to buy the latest model smartphone each year. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily go with the least expensive model phone or computer each time your current version needs to be replaced.

Technology is a necessity. The higher the quality of the technological devices you purchase, the better they will work and the longer it will be before they become outdated. This doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive version available but it does mean buying the highest quality. Technology devices become exponentially more expensive with greater options, which are rarely necessary. I high quality basic device will last longer and be more useful than a moderate quality piece with many extras.


People often purchase a previously owned vehicle or one from a manufacturer that doesn’t have the quality standards of more expensive manufacturers. Both are viable options than can save substantial amounts of money. If implemented properly, the tactic of purchasing a previously owned vehicle can result in a high-quality automobile at reduced cost.

But cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the purchase of a car or truck. The warranty, gas mileage, and safety ratings are far more important. It is possible to find high quality vehicles in all price ranges with a little extra effort. That effort will save subsequent time, money, and possibly even lives.

There are other less tangible benefits to investing in higher quality items for yourself and your family. While they do tend to serve their purpose better than their less expensive counterparts, they will also make you feel better. When you purchase the highest quality item you can afford, or even one that stretches your budget a little, it tells your subconscious mind that you are prosperous and subtly changes your belief patterns and behaviors. The more you believe you deserve the more you will work to achieve and receive it. This is the hidden benefit of investing in high quality items, but it is nonetheless one of the most important.

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