Berridge Farms Hatch Green Chilies Review

Let me start by saying that I love anything with a little ‘kick’ to it. I might not always be able to handle the super hot, super spicy, but I love it when it gives you a bit of a burn going down. Unfortunately, my experience with adding a little ‘kick’ to my recipes has either come from a can (canned chilies) or from a jar (tabasco sauce). So when I had the chance to have a play in the kitchen with some honest-to-goodness fresh chilies from Berridge Farms, I jumped at the opportunity to see what I could come up with!

When my package arrived, I opened the box to find a thick Styrofoam container inside. When I took the lid off the container, this is what I found inside. I loved the packing that was in the container simply because these chilies were so cold you would have sworn that they had just come from someone’s freezer that instant. I was literally amazed at how cold they were after having been on the road for two or three days coming from New Mexico.

These particular chilies that I choose to review were pre-roasted and medium heat. I have been craving a very simple appetizer that my mom used to make for us that she called Mexican Fiesta Dip.

Super easy to make – the first step is spreading the cream cheese in the bottom of an 8″ square pan (pyrex or bakeware is fine):

Next you should add your chili sauce but since I was using fresh chilies, I wanted the flavor to meld into everything so I placed them on top of the cream cheese before the chili sauce:

Add your hot dog chili sauce (Texas Pete is best but whatever you have on hand will do)

Cover completely with Kraft Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

Pop in the oven and back at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and bubbly!

Absolutely delicious doesn’t even halfway cover the flavor that these chilies brought to mom’s recipe! They were absolutely fantastic – can’t praise them enough! You can put scoops of the dip on a pretty plate with some tortilla chips or if it’s family night munchies – just let everyone dig in for themselves!

About Berridge Farms

At Berridge Farms in Hatch, New Mexico, we have a tradition of excellence. We currently farm over 300 acres of prime farmland in the Hatch valley, and we’ve been in the produce business for more than 60 years, dating back three proud generations. Our history and our heritage ensure that when you buy hatch green chiles from Berridge Farms, you’re getting the best, and there’s nowhere else in the world you can match it. 

Berridge Farms has also served the Santa Fe market for more than 15 years selling thousands of pounds of fresh hatch green chile each year at the intersection of Cerrillos & Baca in downtown Santa Fe from mid August through late September. Most weekends, you’ll find three generations of Berridges helping to roast and sell our famous product.

Hatch green chiles, grown only here in the Valley around Hatch, New Mexico, are famous for their great flavor and have been featured in magazines such as Sunset, Country America, and Gourmet as well as on BBC News. It’s easy to incorrectly label chile peppers in the grocery store as ‘hatch green chiles’ with many consumers being none the wiser. But when you want authentic, delicious hatch green chiles, they absolutely must come from the Hatch Valley.

Want some more recipes? Click the card below to download another four recipes from Berridge Farms!

Happy cooking … happy eating!

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