Best Free Cleaning Apps for Your Android Phone

The performance of Android Phones slows down over time. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves about owning an Android phone, that and the fact that it comes loaded with all these junk apps you can’t delete, only disable, that you’ll never use.

Of course, you can always buy a newer, better version of your Android phone and deal with that problem … or, if you know that one of the simplest reasons for your phone slowing down is that a major portion of its space gets occupied with lots of caches, files, and unnecessary applications, then you can extend your phone’s “life” for few more years.

Not all of us pay attention towards cleaning these files. Cleaning these files one by one can be a troublesome process. However, by using some Android Cleaning Apps, these files can be cleaned and the speed of the device can be restored. Here are some top Android Cleaning Apps that you can use to improve the performance of your devices.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a free cleaning app for Android developed by Cheetah’s Mobile. This app boasts some powerful features that can help in cleaning up your Android and increasing the storage of it as well. There is an app manager that allows you to clear app cache, back up APK files, and move them to the SD Card. Clean Master can also clear all the temporary files as well as clear the cache to boost the speed of your device.


CCleaner is a powerful app that helps in removing all the junk and temporary files from your phone. This app boasts features that clean all the application cache, browser history, as well as clipboard content to free the device from clutter. Using the app, you can also remove unwanted applications conveniently and free up space on the device without any hassle. This will free up space on your device and help boost the speed of the RAM.

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

This is a multi purpose app. You can use it as a speed booster, junk file cleaner, battery saver, and game booster for Android devices. However, it is best known for its cleaning capabilities. Using this app, you can manage your disk space, remove junk files and control the battery usage of the device. The built-in antivirus in this app keeps your Android phone free from virus and infected files. Moreover, the app also helps in increasing the charging speed of the device up to 20%.

The Cleaner – Speed Up & Clean

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean is an Android cleaning app that helps in speeding up Android devices, cleaning out junk files, freeing up space and improving the gaming experience. The app also features an app lock that can keep your apps and data secure. Using the built-in themes, you can customize the look of the app and make it more interesting. Moreover, you can also set a schedule to initiate automatic cleaning.

These are some of the top Android Cleaning Apps that you can use to boost the performance of your Android Phones. All of these are free Android apps that help in keeping your device run smoothly and keep it from freezing up.

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