Best Gifts for the Minimalist in Your Life

Minimalism is a way of life. A lot of people are making the transition to this lifestyle because people are starting to spend more money on experiences as opposed to things. This is a great concept in theory, but what happens when it comes to gift-giving time like holidays and birthdays? What do you get someone who tries to only use what they need and typically shops what they already have? Luckily, we have you covered. Here are some ideas of great gifts you can give to the minimalist in your life.

Plan An Adventure

This is the definition of a perfect gift for the minimalist in your life because it is an experience! What a better gift to give than something that can create memories. You can book anything like skydiving, skiing, horseback riding, helicopter rides or guided tours, drink walks, bike rides around the neighborhood or architecture boat tours just to name a few. The great thing about these experiences is that you can find something for every kind of budget. If you are working with a small budget you will find just as many things if you were balling.

Simplistic Yet Beautiful Accessories

Leading a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean that your loved one suddenly doesn’t wear clothes and accessories. However, it’s likely that they will opt for sentimental items and simplistic products rather than anything too glitzy. Bhoma jewelry is the perfect solution that feeds into the concept of leading a minimalist lifestyle. In addition to enhancing outfits, it can serve as a visual reminder that encourages them to keep up their good work. Frankly, this is a wonderful gift in itself.

Grab Some Tickets Somewhere

Go to a concert or go see a movie. You can catch a performance! The possibilities are endless when it comes to purchasing a cool ticket to be entertained. There are plenty of websites and apps you can use to find good deals, discounts and ideas for your next gift. You and your loved one can catch a comedy show or head to a sports event. This also falls in line with creating moments to be shared as opposed to just buying something that will be forgotten about years later.

Spend Quality Time

Not all gifts have to be expensive. Sometimes the very best gift to give someone is your time. Spend quality time with them. That can be anything from scheduling a date with a friend or family member you appreciate. It can even be a nice walk in the park. It does not have to be too complicated. As long as you all are spending quality time together, you got it!

gifts for the minimalist

Give Them Food

Tasing great food can also be categorized as an experience. Take the loved one you are celebrating to the best restaurant in town or order in and make it a movie night. Do not stop at lunch or dinner. Take it a step further and consider an Eastern Standard Provisions as the perfect movie snack.

Give Them A Garden

Gifting your minimalist with a garden is also one of the best gifts to give him or her because not only is it a living organism, but it can also be used in their everyday cooking. It can serve many purposes. If you are giving them an indoor garden, this could be a great way to add some home decor with purpose. If you are giving them a few seeds to plant an outdoor garden, you are giving them the opportunity to create an edible safe haven outdoors.

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