Best Home Projects for Summertime

As we head into the hottest months of the year, many homeowners are thinking about ways to improve and maintain their home. Whether you’re hoping to stay on top of problems that may arise or you’re simply looking for some home projects to keep your family busy during their time off, consider these tips. 

Paint the Home’s Exterior 

During the rainy season of spring, your home might have sustained damage to the exterior. If you’ve noticed faded and chipped paint on the shutters or walls, it’s time to call in a team of professionals to help you home look its best again.

While it can be a manageable project for most homeowners to paint small areas of the home like the shutters or front door, a complete paint job of the exterior should be left to contractors to cut down on the risk of injury or fatigue. 

NORCO, Calif. (Aug. 9, 2010) A construction worker installs new energy-efficient windows in Bldg. 519 at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division. Renovations include insulation of exterior walls, water-conservation plumbing fixtures, improved energy-efficient lighting and use of recycled materials. (U.S. Navy photo by Greg Vojtko/Released)

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows 

As summer approaches, you’ll likely want to stay as cool as possible and escape the brutal heat. To help trap cold air in your home and reduce energy loss, invest in energy efficient windows. In addition to feeling cooler throughout the day, you’ll also benefit from a noticeable reduction in your monthly utility bills. 

Inspect Your AC Unit 

If you’re hoping to keep your AC system fresh heading into the hottest months of the year, call your favorite HVAC company as soon as possible to schedule an inspection. Most AC companies are busiest during the summer, so it’s advisable to call before you realize that your AC needs maintenance. If your contracting team notices that there’s a problem, they’ll be able to correct the issue well before their peak busy season. 

Install New Ceiling Fans 

Many homeowners keep the same ceiling fans for years, and you might notice that they’re no longer serving their purpose of powerfully circulating cool air. If you’re unhappy with the look or performance of the current ceiling fans, browse your local home improvement store and find a new fan that will look great in your home as well as do its job properly. Once you’ve installed a new fan, you might notice a big increase in performance. 

Stain the Deck 

If you love to spend time lounging outdoors by the pool or soaking up the sun, your outdoor deck plays an important role in your life. For individuals who plan to spend increased amounts of time outdoors in the warm summer months, consider giving your deck a little TLC.

First, carefully scan the area for splinters or nails that could cause an injury to yourself or your family. After you’ve removed any sharp components from the deck, gloss over the wood with a fresh coat of paint and a sealant. 

Stay On Top of Yard Maintenance 

It can be easy to lock yourself indoors during the hot days of summer, but it’s always a good idea to stay on top of yard maintenance to help your home look tidy and well-kept. To avoid letting your yard fall into disarray with overgrown weeds and burnt grass, water about once per week and mow the lawn in the early hours of the morning to stay cool.

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  1. These are some really great tips! I totally agree with keeping a fresh coat of paint on your house & deck by professionals if you can afford it. Thanks for sharing!

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