Best Places to Buy Wholesale Diamonds in Frisco

You know the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas” right? Well, that holds true when you are looking for the best places to buy GIA-certified wholesale diamonds in Frisco, TX.

Buying a diamond ring for your significant other is a huge step when you are planning the happily ever after that you and your partner want and as a sign of your love and your commitment to them. It can also be extremely stressful when you are looking for just the right diamond. We’re here to show you how to buy the biggest and best for a great price that won’t set you back or have you on a payment plan for years.

How to Buy a Wholesale Diamonds with GIA Certification

1. Choose Your Diamond Shape

The first, and most important, decision to make is what diamond shape you want. It is the launching point of your ring’s design. You definitely don’t want a pear-shaped diamond if your significant other has an affinity for oval-shaped diamonds. The preference of shape is totally up to you and your partner.

diamond cuts

Others may prefer a unique shape like the Cushion Cut or a Marquise Cut, or you may prefer the simple Round Cut. You can narrow your choices down and compare the various cuts if you are not sure, or ask your significant other’s friends and family which they would prefer if you are unsure.

2. Select Your Carat Weight

Carat weight impacts how big the diamond is going to look. It is better if you set your budget beforehand and base the carat weight of your ring based on that budget. There are some cuts that look better with a lower carat weight while others you can go absolutely crazy with.

3. Narrow Down on Cut Quality

If you are looking for a round, brilliant, diamond, it pays to narrow your search down to ideal or excellent grade diamonds. If you want to go for a fancier shape, a premium cut should be on the list of things to look for. The quality of the cut impacts the diamond’s beauty.

4. Determine Color Grade Range

This is the actual color of the diamond. You can choose a diamond that appears white; however, D and E diamonds are the most colorless stones. If you want a diamond that appears whiter but costs far less than the D and E options, choose from the G to I color range.

GIA clarity diamond grading scale

5. Select Clarity Grade

This is the grade that determines how clean the stone looks. If you are choosing the clarity grade of the stone, always look for a diamond where you can not see any blemishes or inclusions with the naked eye.

This also depends on the shape of the diamond. Usually, people choose the VS1-VS2 (very slightly included) range for the cleanest eye. You will pay much more for an FL (flawless) or IF (internally flawless) diamond. So if you want a great-looking diamond, you can go for the VS1-VS2 range for a much lesser price.

6. Compare Similar Diamonds

You are going to want to consider similar stones from the ones that you have chosen to narrow your selection down, simply to help you determine which you would prefer to buy. Keep in mind all of the aspects we’ve mentioned above to make it easier to compare. It will give you a sense of comfort and reassurance that you are buying the best diamond engagement ring that your significant other will absolutely love.


We cannot stress this enough. Verifying the certificate is just another way for you to make absolutely certain that you are not getting bamboozled. GIA-certified diamonds are much more recommended than those verified by IGI, EGL, and HRD simply because those other laboratories are not consistent in their grading, compared to diamonds that are GIA-certified.

8. Get an Expert Opinion

Last but not least, get another impartial expert to review the diamond that you are about to buy. Having a second set of eyes to give your engagement ring a second look could ensure that you get the best diamond for your budget and give you more confidence in your purchase. The second set of eyes can sometimes see something that you may have missed.

You’ve Done the Work – Now Make the Purchase!

Once you’ve done your homework, checked and double-checked, had a second expert review and you really feel like this is the one – the ring and ring setting that will deliver your happily ever after – buy the ring and pop the question!

diamond rings from Shira Diamonds

So if you’re in the market for a diamond, buy wholesale diamonds at Shira Diamonds in Frisco, Texas, for the best deals and high-quality service!

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