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Betty is Free

I have to admit, I love “feel good” stories such as these from my friends at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). I received this in my e-mail messages this morning, and I just had to share.

Betty, who is around 25 years old, was kept in a small enclosure at a zoo in southern Romania.

Thanks to passionate supporters like you, our partners were able to rescue Betty and take her to the WSPA-funded Zarnesti sanctuary in Romania. Sadly, Betty’s past confinement has made her survival in the wild impossible, so we now must keep her safe inside the forest enclosures. Your generosity has provided more than 12 kilometers of fencing that surrounds the sanctuary.

When Betty first entered the vast fields of the sanctuary, she hesitated briefly, but soon disappeared into the acres of forest to explore and meet her fellow rescued bears. She was greeted by another elderly bear, Monica, and the two have become friends.

Our support saves bears like Betty from cruelty and despair.

Betty has been at the sanctuary since September 2013 and has made herself right at home. Like I said, I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear wonderful happy-ending stories such as these.

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