Beyond The Bed: How To Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

When it comes to sprucing up your home, the guest bedroom can often get the short end of the stick. While everywhere else in your home is tended to regularly, this particular space is usually forgotten about. Many assume that, as long as the room has a bed, then it’s fit for impromptu guests. However, if you want yours to feel welcomed and comfortable, then this just isn’t right. A bedroom is much more than a bed, so here’s how to create a great one for your guests.

Clear Out the Clutter

1) Clear Out Your Clutter

While it may be tempting to store Christmas decorations, out-of-season clothes, and other clutter in your guest bedroom, you should avoid it when possible. After all, if your belongings are filling up the closets and covering the floor space, there’s going to be little room for your guests. This will cause them to feel out of place and unwelcome, making it hard for them to relax.

2) Keep the Space Warm

Trying to sleep in a freezing cold bedroom is never easy. For this reason, you may want to contact experts, such as They can replace your windows with energy efficient ones and install exterior insulation, both of which will help to keep your home warmer for your guests. You can also offer a basket of blankets and water bottles for especially chilly nights.

3) Stick To Calming Colors

When choosing the color scheme for your guest bedroom, it’s vital that you stick to tones that induce feelings of calm and tranquility. While you may love the idea of bright yellow or red walls, your guests, who will struggle to sleep, won’t thank you for it. With that in mind, whites, creams, and pastel shades are your best options. These don’t heighten the senses, allowing you to relax.

4) Provide Great Light Control

An issue many of us have with hotels is the lack of light control. More often than not, rooms have only a single overhead source, which doesn’t provide adequate light for the entire room. The switch is usually by the door too, which is very inconvenient. To keep your houseguests happy, you should offer several different light sources, including a lamp or a small night light.

Entertaining and Comforting Goals

5) Offer Lots Of Entertainment

Your guests may be visiting to see you, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to spend every minute of the day in your company. They are going to want some time to themselves now and then, so you should make this easier by offering entertainment. Televisions, games consoles, and books will all be gratefully received. You can also provide brochures containing tourist info.

6) Stock The Basic Essentials

During the rush of packing, your guests may have forgotten one or two essentials. These could be anything from chargers to toothbrushes. To save them from having to rush to a store, you should offer the basic necessities when they arrive. If you don’t know what to stock up on, check out for a whole list of helpful additions.

Every host wants their guests to feel welcome, so make this so by creating the very best bedroom that you can.

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