Bills Through The Roof? Here’s How You Can Bring Them Down

Sick of spending a fortune on bills? If there’s always too much month at the end of your money then things need to change, when you work hard for your wage the last thing you want is money being spent unnecessarily when some simple cutbacks would make saving easy. Here are a few ways you can go about it. 

Think About Your Food Budget

One place most of us will be able to save money- in many cases, significantly- is with food. The majority of us waste too much food where we’re disorganized with our meals, eat out too often and choose too many conveniences. Buying lunch at work instead of making it, going to the coffee shop instead of bringing our own and ordering in takeaways because we can’t be bothered to cook are all examples.

Cooking doesn’t need to be difficult and home-cooked food shouldn’t be boring – it can be much healthier, tastier and cheaper when you make it yourself with truly is a win-win. Meal plan and shop to a grocery list, get on Pinterest and find some recipes you like the look of to try. Make your meals interesting and exciting, try different cuisines. You’ll save money and eat better. 

Lower Your Fuel Bill

Using less gas and electricity in the home benefits you (as you spend less money) as well as the environment (as you use fewer fossil fuels). You can reduce your costs by making simple changes in the home- make sure all of your bulbs are energy-saving and use draft excluders and lined curtains to keep the cold out. If you have more money, look into the cavity wall and loft insulation. Another thing worth checking is your roof, missing tiles can cause leaks and damp as well as let in cold air. Have a check and see if it’s time for roof replacement

Get Rid of Unused Subscriptions

Subscriptions to things like digital content can be great, but if they’re not being used then it’s wasted money. How often do you really use Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime? Do you really need all of the channels you pay for on your tv? If you’re not using them then you’re best canceling and spending the money elsewhere. 

Consider Your Car

Finally, consider your car. Many households need a vehicle to get around, but is yours costing you a bomb? Switching for something else could mean lower tax, insurance, and running costs. It’s something in your budget that could save you significantly if you’re able to cut it back. If you are able to get rid of your car completely (even if it were only for six months or a year) then this would be a huge way to save money, chances are you’ll get in much more physical activity by walking and cycling more too. Definitely something to consider!

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