Bing Thinks I Deserve Naked Men and Drugs

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and yeah – I’m a bit bored. Had some giggles and cuddles with the testosterone carriers this morning while we watched silly shows and Molly tried to jump on all of us for laughing so loud … The Man Thing been hanging out with his cronies outside and laughing it up with the guys … it’s been a good Saturday.

Got on the computer, decided it was time to make a decision once and for all about a new feed reader before Google Reader goes tits up.  Been playing around with Google Currents (not all that crazy about it), tried Netvibes and a few others that I found in this article … and I just keep right on coming back to Feedly. I can’t escape it. So I trashed everything else and decided on keeping Feedly once and for all. I can use it on my desktop and my tablet – a big must for me.

Doing that led to some net surfing. You know, usual stuff. Hollywood gossip, trade papers, movie and music inside info – you know, all the dirt. So naturally The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were must adds to the feed reader too.

Decided to just search “Life in a House of Testosterone” on Bing for kicks and grins, see what showed up. Did the image search this time to see just how many of the images from my blog made it to Bing. This is the first set of images that Bing gave to me:

Okay Bing, not too bad I thought. Scrolled down a bit to the 2nd group of images:

Well, while I appreciate the attempted scientific lesson – um yeah, that went right over my head. Two of the photos in the 2nd set are mine. Can you guess which ones? (and no, they are not the ones with the writing on them). Happy couple, smiling wife, happy family. Must be from the drugs in the bottom left corner.

Last but not least, scrolled down to the 3rd set of pictures:

Sigh. They have my beautiful face next to a guy’s wanker. Seriously? You couldn’t like put me next to the dude in the tights, or next to the group of girls down at the bottom all laughing at something a testosterone carrier probably thought was sheer brilliance.

Nope. They put me next to the wankers once again. I guess that means that Bing thinks I deserve naked men and drugs. Google did much better with giving me many more images from my blog and Facebook. They didn’t throw me in with the wankers and the drugs.

In the Bing vs. Google challenge – Google won this one guys.

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