Blade of the Divided – The Divided Trilogy Book 2 – Book Review

If I peaked your interest and curiosity with my review of Wings of the Divided – The Divided Book 1, then you are going to love Blade of the Divided.

Blade of the Divided picks up where Wings of the Divided left off, with Laphelle cutting off his wings and renouncing his position as a First Rank for Lucifer’s army of dark angels.

Gidyon, our loveable healing angel of light, offers to take Laphelle to Mahrellin, where the Library of Visions contains records of all the old prophecies, including the prophecy of an angel of darkness prophesied to rise up against Lucifer, known only as the Rebel of Rebels that would remove his wings.

Laphelle ponders his destiny and struggles with the memories that are just at the edge of his mind from when he was once an angel of light, of the violin that he loves more than life.

Blade of the Divided keeps you enthralled with each and every page turn. The lives of all the characters are intertwined, brothers once of the light, separated by the Fall from grace; angels of light and darkness, joined by love, separated by choice – another underlying story woven through Laphelle’s storyline.

Blade of the Divided is a story of pain, sacrifice, choices, friendship, destiny … and hope. This 2nd installment in The Divided Trilogy caused me to laugh, to cry, and my heart to ache. It also gave me hope, not just for Laphelle, but for the world we live in, for our future, our destiny. Purchase Blade of the Divided: The Divided Book 2 Here

The 3rd installment in this trilogy – Song of the Divided – is due out June 1, 2013.  You can keep up with C.J. on her blog, follow her on Twitter or subscribe to new updates on her work from her Amazon Page.

Blade of the Divided receives a well earned and deserved 5 STAR RATING.

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  1. I'm always looking for great new books to read, I'm going to have to start following your book reviews more closely! I'm also going to have to look up the first book in this series!

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