Terms are subject to change without notice. No refunds are issued once your service is published. Prices were updated as of July 12, 2021.

Who We Are A family and lifestyle blog with an emphasis on raising your family, keeping your home up-to-date, and enjoying life in a variety of ways

What Content We Accept – We accept articles, link placements, and advertisements for the following categories:

  • family life
  • blogging
  • anything related to the upkeep/purchase/sale of your home
  • fashion (accessories, apparel, jewelry, etc.)
  • family finances
  • education
  • home business
  • food and drink recipes/products
  • health (exercise, CBD, coronavirus, etc.)
  • style (women, men, children)
  • Travel destinations, hiking, camping, top family vacation cities etc.
  • Seniors
  • Babies (I’m a Nana to two now so we are adding this topic)
  • Tech products
  • we also have a large gift guide section located at Gift Guide Central

What Content We DO NOT Accept – casino, gambling, bitcoin, vaping, adult/dating websites, business/property management articles or links.


Our prices are more than reasonable and, for this reason, we do not negotiate. What is listed is the price. All prices are in USD. Our two most popular items are listed first.

  • $80 – GUEST ARTICLE PUBLICATION – the article must be in keeping with the family/lifestyle topics discussed on LIAH (see the categories section in the footer for topics). We will provide appropriate commercial use or personal photographs that fit your article theme and add our own spin to the article.
  • $40 – DOFOLLOW LINK IN A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE – your do-follow link placed in a previously published post of your choice which is permanent. Our form of continuous advertising that keeps on giving.
  • $25 – FOOTER TEXT AD PLACEMENT – your text advertisement in the footer section of our website
  • $30 – SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUT OUT PACKAGE – We will highlight features of your product along with a photo of the product on our social media channel of your choice (one only – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram) that includes tagging you. You receive a total of 4 different shout-outs on the channel you choose. If you choose Facebook there is an additional $20 fee for paid advertising.
  • $35 – LEADERBOARD BANNER AD PLACEMENT – appears on every post on our website for this fee per month. Discount available for 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months purchase. We have over 3,300 posts your banner ad will appear on.
  • $40 – PRODUCT ADDED TO GIFT GUIDE – We will include your product in a Friday Finds feature and link your information to the appropriate Gift Guide Central category and add your product to that Gift Guide Board on Pinterest.
  • $40 – PRODUCT REVIEWS – Due to time constraints we are only accepting paid product reviews at this time. Our review will include a feature post about your product and include photographs of the product in use. We give our honest opinions (good or bad) on what we think. Please allow 2 weeks from receipt of the product for the review to be published.
  • $60 – 300 x 300 IMAGE ADVERT – your banner advertisement in our sidebar. $60 for 3 months, $90 for 6 months.
  • $100 – PARTNERS PAGE ADVERT – have your company highlighted as one of our partners for a year.
  • $150 – ARTICLE PREPARED BY LIAH – I will write a 400+ word article with up to (2) do-follow links for your client for a fee of $150 to be published on LIAH.
  • Ask us about pricing for review and giveaway packages


We do not receive a paycheck each week as many of you do. We work freelance and therefore, we expect payment as soon as our invoices are sent. When our invoices are sent – your article/link placement is usually already prepared and ready for publication the second your payment is received.

    • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 5th date will be charged a $10 late fee
    • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 10th day will be charged a $15 late fee
    • Invoices not paid by 8 AM Eastern on the 15th day will be charged a $20 late fee
  • If your invoice still remains unpaid after 16 days, we will not work with you again until you pay the $45.00 in late fees.

Once your order and payment have been received, your purchase will be completed usually within the hour unless we are out of the office, but always within 24 hours of receipt at the very most. I pride myself on being able to complete most orders within 2 hours of payment.

If you require publication before payment, you have 48 hours to remit payment once the post/link is live on our website. If it is not paid within that time frame, there is a $50 late fee added to the invoice.


Our current reseller rates are as follows: guest posts (USD 40) and do-follow link placement (USD 20) and are 50% off our current regular rates listed above. If you wish to take advantage of the reseller rates, you need to provide at minimum 3 articles per month for publication OR 3 link placements per month for publication.

If you agree to these terms and then DO NOT HONOR YOUR WORD, we will NOT publish for you again and you will be put on our banned list.

I am a woman of my word. When I say that I will do something, I do it. I am transparent and can be contacted via the messaging service on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via Skype at any time should you have questions.

Again, we will not negotiate these prices. They are more than reasonable. Our payment policy listed above applies to reseller rate invoices as well.


We reserve the right to add our own Amazon or other affiliate links to articles for products mentioned within the article in addition to including internal links to previously published content on Life in a House.

Thanks for your patronage! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email or use the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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