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Update beginning 1/1/2023 – If you wish to work with Life in a House after reviewing our information below – you must complete the Google form here –

We still welcome the opportunity to work with you! Please review ALL of the information below before submitting a request for publication or a collaboration.

What Content We Accept

We accept articles, link placements, and advertisements, for the following niche topics:

  • family life
  • all things home – all items related to the upkeep/purchase/sale of your home
  • finances (budgeting, boosting your credit score, etc.)
  • food and drink recipes/products
  • Being a part of the age 50+ demographic and a grandparent
  • Living with your adult children
  • Updating our large gift guide section located at Gift Guide Central (which is also undergoing a refresh and update at the moment)

Content We DO NOT Accept

Casino, gambling, bitcoin, vaping, adult/dating websites, property management articles, or links.

Services & Prices

Our prices are more than reasonable and, for this reason, we do not negotiate. What is listed is the price. All prices are in USD. Life in a House has always prided itself on providing prompt, same-day service to those that we work with.

Please remember that our focus on areas we are willing to cover on Life in a House has changed and review the What Content We Accept section before submitting articles or link placement requests.

  • $30 – Permanent Do-Follow Link Placement – We will publish your resource link in a previously published article on Life in a House. It is YOUR responsibility to provide the following with your resource link:
    • the URL of our article where you want your resource link added;
    • the anchor text and URL of your resource link;
    • a screenshot or written instructions on where you wish to have your link added;
    • and you must provide any additional wording to make the link fit seamlessly into the article;
  • $60 – Guest Article Publication – We will publish an article you provide, based on the topics listed above. Your article will be reviewed for grammar and spelling issues, and we will update the submission accordingly. Articles should be written in English and be a minimum of 500 words. We will provide appropriate and relevant commercial use or personal photographs, add any personal experiences we have with the article topic, and incorporate social media formatted images to accompany the article. You are allowed up to (2) permanent do-follow link placements in your article.
  • $50 – Product Review – we will provide an honest, unbiased review of your product on Life in a House, as well as your online store and/or Amazon where the product is sold. As a verified reviewer for Trustpilot, we will also leave a detailed review of our interaction with your company. The price listed is for us to review the product and to take the time to provide a written analysis of our findings. It does not include the cost of the product. You can contact us directly to obtain our mailing address to send the product for review – free of charge.
  • $75 – Review and Giveaway – if you would like to sponsor a giveaway on Life in a House, we will take care of reviewing the product you send to us and prepare a review/giveaway posting that will be shared on our blog as well as submitted to our Facebook Groups to be published on our fellow blogging partners personal blogs. We include links to all of your social media channels, places to purchase your product, your website, and sign-ups for your newsletter or to receive updates from your website as part of the giveaway process. Following/signing up is a mandatory requirement to unlock the other portions of the giveaway widget. Giveaways typically run 2-4 weeks and are available to the Continental United States only unless you specify otherwise. We will collect all entries, verify the randomly chosen winner(s), and provide you with their name, home address, telephone number, and email. It is YOUR responsibility to ship the prize package to the winner at the end of the giveaway within 7 days.
  • $200 – Partners Page – if you would like to partner with Life in a House and provide products or content over the course of a year, we will include you on our Partners Page and publish content and product reviews – up to (5) five per year.
  • $150 – Article Prepared by Life in a House – if you do not have a team of writers at your disposal, we can provide a well-researched SEO-friendly article for you within 7 to 10 days.
  • Resellers: We will work with resellers providing you can supply at least 4 articles every month for a rate of $25 each. The first time you do not make the 4 articles per month mark – we will no longer honor our agreement with you. This MUST BE AGREED TO – IN WRITING.

Our Media Kit

If you would like to see our current statistics for the past quarter, review our Media Kit which is updated on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 with our Google Analytics, page views, visitors, social media statistics, etc.

Our Payment Policy

As of April 10, 2022, we no longer provide publication before payment. We will send you a preview of how the published article will appear. We will ONLY publish after you have reviewed and paid your invoice.

If you are wondering why we no longer publish prior to payment, or why we charge late fees, visit our list of dishonorable contributors and bloggers to learn more.

Our payment policy is simple – we provide a service. If you wish to use that service, then you must pay for that service. Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. We will not perform any of the services listed above until payment has been received. Once your payment is received, your service will be completed usually the same day. In the event of reviews, giveaways, or article preparation – the time will be slightly longer.

Late Fees – for link placements and publication of your article – late fees apply if your invoice is not paid within 48 hours. Your time begins the moment the invoice is sent from PayPal to the email address you provided – including nights and weekends.

  • If not paid within 48 hours – there will be a $10 late fee applied
  • If not paid within 96 hours – there will be a $20 late fee applied
  • If not paid within 120 hours – there will be a $30 late fee applied

Payment Methods we accept

Our standard policy is to send you an invoice via PayPal which you can then pay using your own PayPal account or a credit card. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL ACH PAYMENTS.

If you would like to save yourself 15% off your total invoice – we accept payments via CashApp and Venmo. Ask about how to pay using this method.

About Life in a House

We are a family blog – first and foremost. With the slight changes that we’ve made to the content and topics we will be covering, everything remains fairly the same. If you would like to learn more about me and my family visit our About page.


We reserve the right to add our own Amazon or other affiliate links to articles for products mentioned within the article in addition to including internal links to previously published content on Life in a House.

Thanks for your patronage! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email or use the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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