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Below you will find all of the information you need to work with Life in a House to provide guest posts, link placements, product reviews, and giveaways.

Content That We Accept

We accept articles and link placements for the following topics:

  • Family life
  • All things home – any item relating to the upkeep, purchase, sale of your home, as well as home décor, maintenance, improvements, etc.
  • Finances – budgeting, boosting your credit score, teaching your kids to manage money, making large purchases, etc.
  • Eats and Drinks section is dedicated to Mom’s Recipes, products that we adore, various recipes and so forth
  • The age 50+ demographic – living with your adult children, grandchildren, relationships with your adult children and more
  • Gift Guide Central – your home for all of our gift ideas and suggestions for any holiday of the year

Content We Do NOT Accept

  • Casino and/or gambling (we are not a sports betting site; however we do occasionally post about casino games you can play on your phone or on the computer)
  • Anything involving bitcoin (take it to the financial experts)
  • Vaping – while we have previously posted articles on vaping and the products involved, after severe complications from vaping became widespread we choose not to encourage our readers by publishing articles of this nature any longer
  • We are not a property management website – even though we have previously worked in the property management arena

Our Media Kit

You can view our current statistics for the past quarter on our Media Kit page which is (usually) updated in January, April, July, and October with information obtained from our Google Analytics involving page views, visitors, social media followers, etc.

Be sure to visit our About Me page to learn more about what makes us unique and meet the family members that help to test out products and are my inspiration each day for writing!

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