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Pat-ButtonNEWI decided to start showcasing some of my most favorite bloggers here once a month.  I will post their banners in the right sidebar at the top of the page and would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by and show them some love!

Our June Blogger of the Month is Leeanna Henderson from Can We Have a New Witch? Ours Melted.  I ‘met’ Leeanna several years ago via the blogosphere and we frequented each other’s blogs religiously there for awhile.  As happens sometimes, we lost touch but I recently came upon her blog again and she is still a definite favorite!

Leeanna’s sense of humor is absolutely wonderful.  I want to be as funny as she is when I grow up.  Just a few of our humorous images from her blog to entice you:




Stop by and show Leeanna some love today!  Tell her that the crazy (former) Mad White Woman sent ya!


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Kim Miller

Trust me girl … the Q-tip don't work. You need a hot poker. That shuts them up for awhile.:-)

Leeanna Henderson

AAAWWWWWW sweetie thank you so much!!! Yes, we have lost touch (that should be touched in the head)for a long time there. We should really talk more ya know. Then I wouldn't have to poke at the voices in my head with that Q-tip anymore. Thanks again sooooo much for the award darlin.