Blogger Opp: Kids HearMuffs Giveaway

Blogger Opp Kids HearMuffs Giveaway

1 Winner Sponsored by: Lucid Audio

Hosted By Amy & Aron’s Real life Reviews

Each blogger will receive up to 2 Free links for posting and promoting this giveaway

Giveaway Date 3/7 to 3/21
Open to US

Giveaway will be 2 weeks long. Make sure if you are purchasing links they will be valid that long. We don’t want blank entries.


Winners Choice
Kids HearMuffs
Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and White

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Lucid Audio


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The more bloggers promoting ~ the bigger the results ~ the more giveaways we get to do together.

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Co-Hosts spots are unlimited, Co-Hosts Needed

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(link to specific post required) Any payment needed please send as a friend/gift, Lucid in the notes Posting will be required within 24 hours of launch.

I hope to see you there. Tell Amy that Kim from Life in a House sent you!

If you have any questions about this giveaway please email Amy or


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