Blogger Spotlight: Dividing By Zero

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Each month at Life in a House of Testosterone, we will be featuring a blogger spotlight segment as part of our Giving Back Blogger Series. As a blogger, I think it is important to mentor other bloggers, offer advice based upon your own personal experiences, and help others attain the goals that you yourself once aimed for.

December’s Blogger Spotlight is on Tara from Dividing by Zero. For those of you who are not familiar with her, she is wife, mom, writer, editor, blogger, Avon rep, and general jill-of-all-trades in her household. Tara’s “The Brobdingnagian Bottle of Heart’s Desire” can be found in “Under the Stairs,” and her story “Rest Stop” is found in “Tales of Terror & Mayhem From Deep Within the Box.”

Tara and I became friends when we began discussing various giveaway widget tools. (I know, such geeks, right?) Through the course of our discussions we talked about our kids (my two sons ages 10 and 14 and my daughter 25) and her four (a 7 month old, and then ages 8, 13, and 17). We also connected about our special needs children – mine with ADHD and ODD and hers with autism. We lamented that we both felt like bad moms when we see “no school” on the calendar and reach for the bottle of wine while holding back the tears! She is definitely a kindred mom after my own heart!

One of my most favorite Dividing by Zero posts is Picture Day. My mother was the same as Tara described her mom. It was as if they had a picture day alert built-in or something, never forgot a day, and my brother and I were dressed up and spit-shined and sent off to school looking utterly fabulous (according to her) to have that moment in time captured forever. I hated most of my school pictures. Nope, not showing you them either! Check out Tara’s post to see her beautiful transformation over the years from young girl to young lady and you will soon see why we think she’s pretty special too!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I feel like I just walked into a dark room and suddenly the lights come on and everyone's popping up from behind furniture yelling "SURPRISE!" Thanks for picking me for your first blogger spotlight, I feel very honored! And also thank you for all the advice you've given me, and for putting up with all the questions I have – and the ones I'll be coming up with as I go along. 😉

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