Prom Season – Are You Going to Be a Statistic?

We are heading full speed ahead into prom season – and some of you may have already had your senior prom. Here at Life in a House, we’re big on educating, informing, and keeping our kids safe so they can grow up to be amazing adults with bills and a mortgage just like mom and dad!

Prom Promise - Don't be a Statistic this Prom Season
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Seriously though, I’m reaching out to my readers about an upcoming article – possibly a series of articles – where I want to share YOUR stories so that we can hopefully work together to save the lives of our young adults and keep a senseless and avoidable tragedy from occurring.

  • Have you found yourself in a vehicle where the driver is under the influence? What did you do?
  • Did you have an accident as a result of driving under the influence? What was the outcome?
  • Are you a first responder who has seen what driving under the influence can do?
  • Are you the parent, sibling, relative of a young person who was killed as a result of driving under the influence?
  • Are you a member of law enforcement who has dealt with young adults under the influence? What are some of the consequences that they can face from driving under the influence?

Whatever your story might be, we would like you to share it with us. We will not use your name unless you give permission. I am working with Anheuser Busch and SheKnows to spread the word during prom season this year about having frank, family conversations about drinking and want to share your personal stories as well.

You can email me at and let me know what your experience has been. I look forward to hearing from you and together we can make sure that we don’t lose any of our teens this prom season! Thanks for your help!

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