Bluebee Pals at Toys ‘R Us

I had the opportunity to review a Bluebee Pals plush toy through a sponsored campaign with Kayle Concepts and Mom Select. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own as always though! So, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

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What is Bluebee Pals?

I can hear you now doing the same thing I did. “What the heck is a Bluebee Pals?

Bluebee Pals is a huggable plush toy that sings, reads and answers phone calls. The advanced technology includes lip synchronization allowing the animal’s “mouth” to move while singing and reading your child’s favorite storybooks or learning apps. You can even surprise and entertain your family and friends when you use your Bluebee Pal as a wireless speaker phone! Bluebee Pals Winston the Puppy is available at Toys ‘R Us and you can find the rest of the gang on  


They are absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. We received Riley the Zebra to review. I originally had plans to send him to my nephew, Shane, in Pennsylvania, but I’m thinking I’m just going to have to order him another one because my youngest son, Tre, is having WAY too much fun with him! He was having a ball talking to his brother via Riley. When a call would come in on my telephone, Riley would “ring” and all Tre had to do was press his ear that said “phone” and he could carry on a conversation.

We also tested Riley’s singing capabilities – that was just too much fun watching him “sing” Tre’s favorite songs! We even downloaded a free book app that will allow Riley to “read” stories to Tre. That is totally a plus in my book – because getting him to crack open a book is like trying to jump up into the sky and catch a bird. Just doesn’t happen.

There is a great selection of recommended apps on the Bluebee Pals website, along with apps recommended for children with special needs. 

You can watch this short video I did of my youngest son, Tre, and his friend playing with Riley the Zebra.

I give Bluebee Pals two thumbs up. Go and check one out at your local Toys ‘R Us store. Read the information on the Bluebee Pals website. Follow them on Twitter, ask some questions on Facebook. Follow them on Instagram and check out their Pinterest page. No matter where you connect with Bluebee Pals, you are going to be completely entertained! This is definitely a “hot item” for the Christmas lists this year!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your new Bluebee Pals!

Merry Christmas from Kim and The Boys at Life in a House of Testosterone

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