Boost Business With Splendid Sales Reps!

Boost Business With Splendid Sales Reps

Some business models rely heavily on salespeople – those who can get out there and present their products, services and ideas to customers and clients. If this is the kind of business that you run, you naturally need to make sure that you have the right people on your team and that these people have access to everything they need. This will allow them to do the best job possible and secure those leads and sales for your business. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

A Smart Phone

If your sales reps are travelling to give talks and presentations, they are likely to be on the road a lot. This means they will need a good company smartphone, which will allow them to keep in contact with who they’re meeting, contact the office, send emails, access the internet and generally be able to keep connected and in contact. If you provide a phone (rather than them using their own) it’s likely to mean less distractions. Go with something that’s good quality, and check out different business phone plans. You can easily keep track of things like their location as well as ensure personal texts and calls are kept to a minimum during the day while they’re working for best productivity levels.

A Laptop

As well as a smartphone, a good laptop will be needed. This allows your salespeople to show their presentations, as well as type up any longer information that would be difficult to do on a phone. Macbooks and higher-end laptops are a good choice since they have a long battery life, perfect when your reps are out and on the road for a lot of the day. A good quality case will make sure it’s protected from bumps and scrapes while they’re out. 

I’ve worked with a desktop computer, a netbook, and a laptop. Hands down the laptop is my absolute favorite – as both a blogger and a mother. It makes attending IEP meetings and counseling sessions so much easier when you have everything you need at your fingertips!

Great Software

As well as a good laptop, your salespeople need the right software to be able to conduct their presentations. Microsoft Powerpoint is generally regarded as the best software out there for this, you could send them to Training Connections Powerpoint classes to learn how to set up the best and most engaging presentations. By doing this, you increase the chances of grabbing people’s attention and securing those all-important sales.

A Company Car

Finally, a reliable vehicle that allows them to travel with ease is also worth providing. This gives them access to a good vehicle, and even if employees that are excellent at their job don’t have a car they can still work for you.  A decent vehicle looks professional, and could be cheaper to run too since due to tax allowances. You could use transfers or magnets on the side of the vehicle which giving you exposure and advertising whenever your sales reps are on the road- as well as look professional. Having access to a company car can also make the role more attractive to potential recruits, as opposed to using their own. This could land you with better employees applying for the position in the first place.

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