Brains – A Trivia Adventure for Young and Old Alike

Brains A Trivia Adventure

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and you’ve unwrapped your new tablet or iPad, the question for most parents is to find an app that will not only educate their children but keep them entertained as well. For us adults, we want something that will hold our attention as well and help to strengthen our minds. Brains – A Trivia Adventure is just such a game that trivia-loving kids and parents will both enjoy!

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To be honest, I was skeptical about whether this would be “hard” enough in Beginner mode for me to stay interested in the trivia. But surprisingly, I chose animal celebrities for one of my first challenges and believe me – it was challenging enough! I doubt that my boys would have known some of the answers to the trivia questions!

Concerned with what kids are playing?

Let’s face it, we all worry about what our children see online. And parents around the world would generally agree that most mainstream games do little to enrich a child’s development, let alone our own, and some games are a downright threat to our children’s well-being.

In response to these real concerns, Brains – A Trivia Adventure was designed to enrich players with a story that centers on family, loyalty, positivity, perseverance, courage, and knowledge. Great emphasis is placed on knowledge, as the game is an extensive collection of information that parents can use to hone the minds of their children. There is a range of education-based concepts like math, science and history as well as fun-based concepts like Disney, fashion, food, cartoons, sports, movies, and music.

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Brains – A Trivia Adventure combines the story element found in adventure games with trivia battle game play to create a new gaming experience. Think Wizard of Oz combined with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! (Now you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like tons of fun!) Players assist the game’s 4 playable heroes as they journey through the game’s 16 unique worlds that are guarded by 32 villains. Each villain is a master of any of the game’s growing library of topics, which is about 200 topics or 20,000 possible trivia questions. Players may also collect stars, which the game uses to rank the player against friends through an optional Facebook log in. Trivia power ups are also available to help any player answer the toughest questions.

Download this free game now and discover all the features you and your child will love!

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The game is available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

I downloaded the app on my Acer Iconia Tab 200 but unfortunately, even though the game says Android 4.0 or newer (which I have), the game would not load for me on my Android tablet. It did play fine on my iPhone 6+ however. So if you have an older tablet – even with the latest operating system – you may have difficulty playing the game.

Visit Sneaky Bruno Games at their website or via Facebook to learn more and stay up-to-date on the latest updates to the game. Sure to become a family favorite in no time!

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