Breakfast Ideas for the ADHD Child

Breakfast is vitally important – for all of us – as it is the fuel that jump starts your day and keeps you going. For children with ADHD, having high-protein foods in their diet is a must, along with cutting out the sugar but not taking away from the taste. We all know, if it doesn’t taste and smell good – they are NOT touching it!

An ADHD Child Enjoys a Healthy Breakfast

ADHD children who are on stimulant medications have little to no appetite once they have taken their medication. To help you get the fuel that they need into their bodies in the morning before school, consider giving them their medication with their morning meal instead of upon waking up.

I have two children who are finicky eaters regardless. So finding foods that aren’t processed and full of carbohydrates and sugars that they will willingly eat is somewhat of a challenge. However, I have found several awesome high-protein, low sugar ideas to share with you that will hopefully help your finicky eater get a great start in the morning as well!

Some Breakfast Ideas

  • Toast – everyone loves toast! Put some all-natural peanut butter on whole grain bread with a dab of their favorite fruit jam!
  • Eggs – scrambled, sunny-side up, however they like ’em – cook ’em up! (While my two boys won’t touch a hard-boiled egg, I keep a bowl of them in the fridge for The Man Thing because they are good for him as well and his health issues!)
  • Whole grain cereal with low-fat milk
  • Plain yogurt with their favorite fresh fruit
  • Grilled-cheese sandwiches on whole grain bread – they’re great for breakfast!
  • Mixed nuts and some whole grain cereal mix that they can keep in their backpack to grab a handful of when they get hungry
  • Fresh fruit

I am no doctor; however, I feel it is vitally important to share a life lesson that we have learned in our family. Children who take ADHD medications should NOT drink orange juice. I know it’s one of the superfoods that all of the doctors will tell you that your child must have each and every day. What they don’t tell you is that the acid in the orange juice counteracts any positive actions of the medication. Each and every single time that I have given my son his medication and he has had orange juice to drink either before, after, or while taking his medication – it is as though I never gave him his medication at all. Something to consider when you are planning meals for your ADHD child. I’m not saying it will happen to YOUR child, but it happens EVERY time with my child. Even my son’s pediatrician was surprised; as she had never heard of this. Grapefruit juice is another juice that, while good for you, can have an adverse effect on your medications.

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These are great, quick breakfast ideas that we’re sure your kids will love. Here are a few other relevant articles you may find interesting and helpful as well. Enjoy!

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