I’ve coined a new phrase – BTISA – Boo That It’s Sunday Already. Where in the hell did the weekend go? Shoot, I swear the gremlins stole a day from me this week. It just went by way too fast for my liking. Although I have to admit, been a bit of a bum all weekend since The Man Thing has been off with the guys doing his fishing thing … as long as he brings home some yummy catfish and/or croakers and/or spots … then I won’t mind that he’s been gone all weekend. The poor guy works his tail off all week, I can’t begrudge him a little “me” time on the weekend!
Want to see what I’ve been doing? This has been command central this weekend:
My comfy living room couch and makeshift desk (aka the coffee table)
That’s pretty much where I’ve been all weekend and where I plan to finish out the weekend watching the gypsy gals and the beach folk from Myrtle Manor tonight. If you’ve seen tweets or status updates from me this weekend, you can bet they came from right here.

My drink, my tablet, my reading material and the television … pretty sweet set up huh?

I need to finish reading my most favorite Richmond magazine – Style Weekly. I got sidetracked with the television and didn’t get a chance to finish this week’s edition yet. If you live in Richmond – reading Style Weekly is like an unspoken commandment. Anything and everything worthwhile going on in our fair city, you’ll find it in here!
Well it’s almost time for my gypsy gals to come on – so I’m off to take the last load of laundry from the dryer, throw some food at the testosterone carriers that should be just about finished baking in the oven, and then sit back and relax and watch TLC till The Man Thing gets home and regals us with his fishing tales of the one that got away.
Be sure to stop by and enter our #HonorTheEarth giveaway before it ends tomorrow on Earth Day – April 22nd. Keep an eye out for an awesome post I’m working on for tomorrow that’s all about tips for going green and sustainable living!
Have a great evening everyone!

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