Budget Buddies: Simple Steps for Saving on Household Goods

budget buddies

Living costs money.  Even those who consider themselves savers and modest when it comes to spending need to watch their budget.  There are hundreds of ways to save yet it helps to start closest to home, analyzing how you can cut costs on household goods.

Identify Staples

Each household is different yet every family habitually buys particular goods.  For example, your family may consume a lot of coffee while another spends a lot on entertainment.  Regardless of your staples, find ways to save on the things you buy most.  Buy in bulk, get a wholesale membership, or consider buying the generic brand at the grocery store.  It’s likely that a good part of your money goes toward a low number of goods; find what you buy the most of and change the way you make those purchases.

Find Alternatives

The most expensive brand or the most popular is not always the best or the better buy.  Seek alternatives of the brands you consume most.  See if you can get other varieties at a better price.  Alternatively, try to cut back on how much of the goods you consume.  For example, if your family drinks a lot of coffee, get members to go without coffee a couple of times per week to save overall.

Get a Savings Card

Most grocery and home goods stores have membership cards that save you money on individual and special purchases.  Additionally, you’ll receive alerts about upcoming sales and get membership coupons.  Seek savings online too.  For example, Paytm coupons offers coupons on a number of items.  Search the site to find savings on smart phones, TVs, and more.

Shop Several Stores

Humans are creatures of habit.  Also, we are sometimes fooled into thinking we are buying smart though better alternatives exist.  For example, you may have a savings card you use at your local grocery store.  However, a majority of the items you buy may not be discounted or hardly ever go on sale, yet you may find the same items at a lower price at a Target or Dollar Store.  Yes, you’ll have to go to more than one place to get needed items but the savings will offset the time, energy, and cost of gas.  Don’t dismiss the notion of segmenting your list and taking advantage of options.

Borrow from Neighbors and Friends

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, go halves on items such as DVDs, vacuum cleaners, detergents, and even a washer and dryer.  If you live close enough to share the home goods, there is no reason both households should buy separate items.  Do the same with friends.  Extend the sharing to dishware, televisions, yard equipment, patio furniture, and more.

Make Time

It’s simple yet many people don’t make saving a habit.  For example, hundreds of dollars worth of coupons are available via the Sunday paper, yet not many are in the habit of sifting through and cutting out coupons.  Furthermore, use an Excel sheet to comprise a budget and visualize the spending habits of your household.  You may be able to save a large amount of money just by analyzing where the money is going.

Jessica Melton is a single Mom who is always looking for ways to make her earnings go further. She shares her frugal ways with others online through social media and article writing.

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