Bugging Out: Dealing With A Stressed Doggy

Stress is an emotion that humans have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s the kids or the boss, tensions rise as well as cortisol levels in the body. As you know, stress is a potentially deadly emotion as it impacts the body’s systems and the vital organs. Sadly, pet owners don’t see the correlation between their pooches and stress. To most of us, canines are happy-go-lucky characters which never feel down or need a morale boost.

This isn’t true because dogs suffer from stress in the same way as human beings. Indeed, high levels of cortisol may be the reason man’s best friend isn’t as healthy or as happy as usual. Spotting the signs of the stress is the first and most important step. After all, if you don’t think it’s an issue, the tension will build and erupt.

However, once you know your pooch is bugging out, it’s essential to take action. Because dog owners don’t know how to act regarding doggy stress, here are the best tips to keep in mind.

Identify the Trigger - Dealing With A Stressed Doggy
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Identify The Trigger

Every canine has a trigger which encourages the onset of stress. Think of it like work when a manager yells at you in front of the whole office. To help, you have to figure out what feature makes your pet want to go into its shell. Otherwise, there is no way to stop the emotions from taking over because it could be subject to a trigger on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a particular person who it doesn’t like, such as the mailman as barking is a sign a dog is stressed out according to Pet MD. It may think the mailman is trying to encroach on its territory, which is why it flies off the handle. Simply asking the post office to put the letters in the mailbox is a straightforward solution. The key is to watch the animal for any changes in behavior.

Don’t Make Huge Changes

Dogs are perceptive animals and distinguish changes in their lifestyle. Have you ever wondered why pets react weirdly when you move properties? It’s because the new house is strange and it takes time for them to get used to the change. Unfortunately, it can take weeks and months, and, in the meantime, the animal frets and panics. When this happens, their health is at risk. Sometimes, a change is a necessary part of life, but not always. Moving may be an option, but think about the pets before you sign on the dotted line. They are part of the family, too. The same goes for everything from exercise to their diet. Even a small change can freak them out and cause them to become agitated.

Keep Them Comfy

What’s that noise? It’s the dog trying to scratch the skin off its back! Fleas are an occupational hazard of owning a pet, whether it’s a dog or anything with fur. Of course, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible so that they don’t spread. Heaven forbid if they got into the fabric of the sofa and multiplied. However, don’t forget about the well-being of the animal as well. Fleas are uncomfortable, and that lack of comfort can lead to health problems. Increased cortisol levels are inevitable as the scratching and biting send a canine insane. Acting quickly is essential, which is where a PetAction pet flea pill comes in handy. But, don’t use the first treatment you see because it may not work. Rather, check out the different types, from pills to creams, and decide which one is best for the dog. For example, a lotion isn’t a great idea if the dog won’t sit still, but a pill won’t work if the dog is a fussy eater.

Get Them Out of the House - Dealing With A Stressed Doggy

Get Them Out Of The House

Humans can spend a long time indoors and keep their minds occupied. Even so, the urge to get out and do something productive is strong. Dogs have the same feeling but are not as adept at killing time. When they want something, they have to have it or else it starts to affect their mind. Going for a walk is a prime example. How often does the dog reach for the lead and tell the owner is needs exercise? At times, leaving them in the house alone is the only option, but they shouldn’t stay there all day. If possible, come home on your lunch break to make sure it’s okay. There’s no need to take it for a walk because, usually, it will just want companionship. Owners who can’t get home in the middle of the day should make sure the dog is worn out in the morning. A long hike should encourage it to sleep and chill out and help it forget about working out for a while.

Desensitize The House

Modern homes are full of gadgets which help secure the property. An alarm is an excellent way to prevent intruders, but it may also mess with your pet’s brain. A blaring siren that doesn’t go off will drive a dog wild because they have hypersensitive hearing. A human would find it annoying, and our ears are nowhere near as responsive as a dog’s. Obviously, you have to set the alarm system just in case, so what is the next step? A fantastic middle ground is to download an app which gives you remote control. Then, should a threat trigger the system, you can turn it off with your mobile device. The same applies to the heating. A canine can easily overheat and become uncomfortable, which we all know is stressful. With Tado, you can heat or a cool the house depending on the dog’s needs.


Finally, don’t neglect to show your pet love and affection. By petting a pooch and giving it a massage, you instantly put it at ease. Just like a human, the rigors of the day start to fade away and it can relax. Running a comb through its fur is also an excellent way to keep it shiny.

Dogs bug out, but this advice should help you limit the damage.

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