Bulu Box and Women’s Health Magazine

I am super excited to share this amazing news with you! Bulu Box has partnered up with Women’s Health Magazine and included with every new Bulu Box subscription is a 1 year subscription to Women’s Health Magazine!

When you spend just $10.00 on a Bulu Box subscription, you will automatically be signed up for a one year Women’s Health Magazine subscription. You also still get your 50% off any Bulu Box subscription, you will just need to be sure to purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to meet the $10 minimum! Click here to check it out!

50% Off Bulu Box & Women's Health Magazine

So what are you waiting for? Score the gift of health every month! Get 50% OFF your Bulu Box subscription by CLICKING HERE or using coupon code BULUGAN566 at checkout and receive the added bonus of a one year subscription to Women’s Health Magazine! You will never receive a bill. Your magazine subscription will not auto renew. No strings attached. Click here for the offer & refund details.


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