Buyers’ Guide To Designer Sofas

The sofa. The centerpiece of any modern living space and the habitual go-to for some much-needed relaxation.

But sofas are no longer just about making us comfortable. They’re the very thing upon which all our interior designing effort hinges. Let’s face it, if the sofa doesn’t fit the room, nothing looks right. That’s why it’s imperative that you think long and hard about which style of sofa you want to buy. It’s no wonder designer sofas are all the rage.

But again, with so many to choose from this is hardly an easy decision. Thankfully, I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular designer styles.

Mid-century Modern Sofas

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the design of practically everything changed. Architecture, art and music were all transformed. And so apparently were our sofas. Mid-century sofas take on a blend of the era’s scientific focus, along with modernist elements. Expect to get something square-like in shape and with minimalist legs.

This type of sofa would go well with any modernist interior. So if you like straight edges, clean lines and modern art in your home, this is the style for you.

Mid-Century Modern Sofas
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Camel Back

But perhaps you’re of a different persuasion. Rather than wanting to point towards our bright future, you want something that reflects our glorious past. Based on the regency style of the nineteenth century, camel back sofas would complement more antique styles.

They’re recognizable because of their exposed wooden legs and exposed wooden back and arms. Recently manufactured camel back chairs offer both the classic design and a level of comfort not found on the original antiques.


The signature feature of this type of sofa is the continuous rounded arc, from one arm all the way to the other. In some of the more adventurous designs, you’ll see the arms actually curling back in front of you, as if the sofa is trying to give you a hug.

Cabriole sofas work very well in houses with contemporary designs. Being quite neutral, it’s hard to go wrong.  

Some designs, however, come with ornate features. So if you are designing your living space around a more antique style, then you can match that style with little styling elements on a cabriole.

Sectional Sofa

For some of us, practicality is a major concern. The benefit of sectional sofas is that they can be endlessly rearranged to suit our needs. If you’ve got a growing family, or host film nights with family and friends, then a sectional sofa can really come in handy.

Sectional Sofa
Credit: Flickr

Fortunately, sectional sofas are popular. That means that they come in many styles. But they’re also masters of making the best use of space in a room.

Because you can put them right into a corner, and because they can span even the largest of rooms, they effectively frame the whole room. Once a sectional is installed, it’s then really easy to see where the coffee table should go, where the rug should be placed, and where the TV ought to sit.

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