Buying Gifts for a Pre-Teen

When your child reaches the pre-teen age, it can be difficult to know what to buy for them. Toys aimed at children may be too young for them, and not get a lot of attention, while those aimed at teenagers and young adults might be too mature, or simply not appropriate for your child. You then have the difficult task of finding something that toes both lines, and that your child will still love.

This can also be difficult depending on the toys and electricals that their friends are being bought, as this can lead to feelings of peer pressure in your child. It is important that you stick to what you feel is best for your child, no matter what they claim the other children are doing.

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Pre-Teen Girls

When you want to buy toys for 11-year-old girls, you will notice that they differ greatly from those you would have bought in previous years. Where you may have once bought toy makeup kits, now they may be asking for the real thing, which can be a good idea for a present if you wish to allow them to wear it. When it comes to toys, they may be more inclined to play with crafty gifts, such as making jewelry for themselves and their friends. Toys such as stuffed dolls may no longer be suitable, as they are more for younger children. 

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Pre-Teen Boys

Your pre-teen boy may still hold some of the interests that he did when he was younger, but he may also now want more mature presents. He may be more interested in the latest fashion items that he and his friends love, or even items for his bedroom. You may no longer be able to buy things based upon adverts or what you see in the store brochures. 

For you to be able to guarantee that he will like his gift, it is best to simply ask him. Not only will this enable you to shop easily, but it will also help you both communicate more, which can seem tricky as your boy grows up.

Gender-Neutral Presents

There are also gender-neutral presents that you may wish to consider for your pre-teen son or daughter. Items such as books, movies, or computing and video gaming accessories can always be used. You will need to check the age rating to ensure they are suitable for your child, but, having done this, you will be left with a large selection of appropriate options.

Items that will spruce up their bedroom, such as LED strip lighting can also be a great way to allow them some more free reign and enjoyment in their personal space.

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Just because your son or daughter is no longer a small child, that doesn’t mean that they can’t still appreciate and love the gifts that you give them. By considering their personality and interests, you can come up with some great age-appropriate gifts for any occasion. 

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