Cable Turtle Organizer Review

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the Cable Turtle Organizers for purposes of this review. I have not been paid for this review. The opinions in this review are my own, completely honest and unbiased.

Let me start off by saying, THESE LITTLE GUYS ARE DA BOMB! (Does that give you any idea of how much I love them?) My apologies to for the delay in getting my review posted – real life just got in the way of EVERYTHING – so my sincere public apology to this wonderful company!

Check these guys out:

From Left to Right – Small, Large & Mini Cable Turtle
The minute they arrived at the house, The Man Thing stole the large brown one from me. It is currently being used in his workshop and apparently I’m never getting it back. The only reason he didn’t steal the other two is because they were smaller and he hasn’t found anything to use them for – yet. I’m going to have to keep them under lock and key!

So What Is A Cable Turtle?
The Cable Turtle is a computer cord organizer that takes all that excess cable under your desk and hides it in its own little shell. I personally needed them for above the desk. I have an all-in-one HP computer, but the cord for my external hard drive and the keyboard were all over the place and constantly getting stuck on another cord or under the monitor and/or keyboard. A real pain in the toosh when you’re space-challenged.

I now have space on my desk to move my keyboard and monitor! Check it out!

Mini and Small Cable Turtles gave me oodles of room with no more cords flying everywhere!
  • Cable Turtles are designed to handle 1000W load
  • Available in Mini / Small / Large sizes for ALL your wire management needs
  • Durable, very portable, fits multiple cable sizes
  • Great fit, great protection, and cute as a button!!!
  • No interference in service (from the cable being wound up)
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Mini Cable Turtle holds approx. 2.3 feet of cable
  • Small Cable Turtle holds approx. 3.3 feet of cable
  • Large Cable Turtle can hold 3 cords, or longer lengths of a single cable, approximately 10ft of VGA cable
Colors and Pricing 
  • Mini Cable Turtle is available in black, blue, green, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, red, gray, white and costs $4.99
  • Small Cable Turtle is available in black, blue, brown, green, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, red, gray, baby blue, pink, white and costs $5.99
  • Large Cable Turtle is available in light yellow, dark yellow, gray, green, orange, red, blue, brown, black, baby blue, pink, white and originally costs $11.99 but can be purchased now for just $8.99
  • Triple Pack includes (1) mini (1) small and (1) large Cable Turtle (all the same color) and is available in the following colors – green, red, blue, orange, dark yellow, light yellow, gray, black and costs $16.99
Where can I purchase them?
You can purchase the Cable Turtle organizers here from

My Rating
My overall rating for the Cable Turtle organizer is a 5 out of 5 stars. They do exactly what they claim they can do, they are well-made, durable, and I will definitely be getting more to use in my techie testosterone carrier’s room! (now that is an electrical cord nightmare!)

I highly recommend the Cable Turtle organizer to anyone in need of some additional cord management!!!

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