Camp Like A King: Bringing Luxury To Your Camping Holiday

I adored camping with my parents when I was a kid. We started out in a tent, and then graduated to a pop-up trailer that we thought was just a slice of heaven compared to the tent. No more waking up to wet sleeping bags and clothing after an overnight thunderstorm, plenty of storage space for food so we weren’t sharing our tent with coolers, it was wonderful. 

Many people are put off camping due to the lack of home comforts, but you don’t have to rough it out in basic conditions any longer (unless you want to). Bringing some touches of ‘glamping’ to your camping holiday could make it a more relaxing experience, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and natural sights that camping offers. Here are just a few ways to bring luxury to your camping holiday.

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Stay Charged On The Go

A camping holiday could be a chance for you and the family to take a detox from TV and internet. However, if you’d prefer to stay connected, you could always bring along your own power source. Companies such as Outdoor Supacentre sell portable generators that could allow you to charge all your devices as well as possibly other gadgets such as lighting and cooking equipment. Cheaper alternatives could involve bringing a portable charger if you just want to keep your phone charged or buying a car charger and using your vehicle to stay charged.

Upgrade Your Sleeping Arrangements

If a sleeping bag and roll mat are too basic for your needs, you could consider upgrading to something more luxurious. There are double sleeping bags for sleeping two people. Alternatively, you could take a lightweight thermal duvet to add more comfort. You could even take an air mattress and a pump so that you’ve got a more comfortable surface to sleep on, as well as a sheet to keep the air mattress clean. By reading reviews on air beds, you may be able to find a comfortable one that’s almost rivals the cosiness of a real mattress (some luxury models even have an outer layer of memory foam).

Set Up a Supply Tent

Vango Storage Organizer

It could be worth bringing an extra tent with you simply for storage use. This could save you having to store all your food and equipment in your main tent, giving you more room to sleep. You can buy some tents such as this model from Vango that are designed simply for storage, offering organised shelves for putting items like muddy shoes and coats.

Bring a Refrigerator and Grill

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When it comes to cooking and storing food, the traditional method is to use a cooler box and gas stove. Whilst these can be efficient means of cooking, you could upgrade to more luxury devices such a portable refrigerator and an electric grill. If you’ve got a portable generator, you may be able to run these devices directly off of this power source. There are also portable refrigerators and grills that run off gas cylinders, batteries and even solar power.

Sausages, steak, burgers, and shrimp – a charcoal barbeque doesn’t just SMELL delicious, it brings out the best in food, giving it a delicious taste that perfectly accompanies the languid heat of long summer days. It’s also this blogger’s favorite method of cooking out over a gas grill. With the summer season in full swing, people across the world are enjoying the sizzling food out in the sunshine and soaking up some Vitamin D, so don’t forget to choose the best small charcoal grills for your luxury adventure if they are your favorite too!

Set Up a Living Area

A couple of deck chairs and a fold-out table may be enough for most people, but it’s possible to go the extra mile and add some more luxury to your living area. Inflatable couch camping could give you the feeling of being in your living room – you can buy ones that can be pinned to the ground to stop them from blowing away. A gazebo meanwhile could shelter you from the possibility of rain. You can even buy outdoor camping carpets to lay on the ground to keep your feet cozy!

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