Can CBN Help You Sleep?

Lack of quality sleep is associated with a wide range of physical and mental health issues. If you do not take ample rest, you can’t concentrate on your work during the day, due to which your financial and emotional health also suffers. 

What if you find a natural help for sleep that can give you a full 8 hours of sleep every night without causing any psychoactive effects? Exciting, isn’t it? The good news is many users have reported that CBN does just that. Here is some more information about CBN for sleep.

What is CBN?

CBN is one chemical compound of over a hundred that are present in the cannabis plant, including CBD and THC. CBN was one of the first cannabinoids recognized by scientists. 

CBN naturally develops in the plant as it ages. As the plant is exposed to heat and oxygen over time, THC breaks down and converts into CBN. This compound does not produce any psychoactive effects (which means that it does not make you high), and can be found in the form of oil, distillate, or isolate. CBN can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, limit inflammation, increase appetite, and induce and prolong sleep.

How CBN Works to Aid Sleep?

The endocannabinoid system of your body plays a vital role in regulating physiological functions. It modulates the inflammatory response system by providing it the needed support. CBN works by regulating the perception of pain, learning, memory, emotions, mood, appetite, sensory functions, sexual arousal, motor functions, and others. 

Similarly, ECS is also important for regulating sleep. CBN activates the CB1r cannabinoid receptor in the ECS, due to which you feel relaxed and go to sleep. Since CBN comes directly from THC, it binds to CB1r to activate it and produce sleep-inducing sedative effects. According to a study, only a small amount of CBN is enough to give you sleepy effects.

Is CBN Helpful for People with Difficulty Sleeping?

Many people use CBN as a sleeping aid. Some also couple it up with CBD and THC to amplify its sedative effects. However, if you are intolerant to THC or want to avoid its side effects, choose a CBD product. Together, they work to promote sleep, reduce pain, relax muscles, eliminate anxiety and stress, and ultimately give you a good night’s sleep.

Amount of CBN Required to Induce Sleep

Deciding the CBN dosage required to induce sleep for you will need some experimentation. Not one standard dose can be prescribed to all. You have to start with a low dose of CBN for sleep, see how your body responds to it, and work up to a higher dosage as required. Most users get the desired effects with 1 to 6 mg of vape or 4 to 66 mg of oral administration. Since there is a huge difference between the lower and the higher range, it’s recommended to start slowly and increase gradually.

With the right CBN product, you will be able to sleep fairly quickly, and you won’t wake up until your alarm goes off in the morning. Just make sure that it is made from an organically grown cannabis plant, and it is third-party tested for quality and authenticity.

can CBN help you sleep?

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