Can You See A Way Through Your Child’s Reluctance To Wear Glasses?

It’s difficult when kids need glasses. You may ask yourself where things went wrong. Why does your perfect child not have perfect eyesight?  Your child, however, will instantly worry what people will say. Will the other kids laugh at them? If yes, how can they get out of wearing the pesky things?

In truth, though, an estimated 11.4% of kids under ten wear eyeglasses. So, you can put your worries to bed straight away. Sadly, that fact may not reassure your little one. They’ll still have concerns about how other kids will treat them. Thus, they may still shirk out of wearing their glasses. And, that can impact their quality of life and their eyesight in the long term. Straining to see certainly won’t help the situation.

Hence why you need to spot their reluctance and work to overcome it with the steps like these.

your child's reluctance to wear glasses

Use contact lenses as an end goal

Contact lenses are the best option for children who hate glasses. But, while your child is young, these may not be the best bet. After all, contact lenses need care and constant upkeep to avoid infection. Few youngsters can be trusted to keep on top of that. But, you can use contact lenses as an end goal. Why not promise that you’ll book your little one a contact lens exam on their tenth birthday if they wear their glasses while they’re in school? This is sure to prove as an incentive. After all, the idea of entering secondary school with glasses can be especially worrying. So, if there’s the hope they’ll be able to get contact lenses before, they may be more willing to suffer through for now.

Let them choose their own frames

Let them choose their frames

If you don’t feel comfortable with contact lenses, work around worries by letting your child choose their frames. The temptation is to opt for something cheap in case of breakages. But, while that logic makes sense, it isn’t always fair. After all, glasses are one of the most noticeable things anyone can wear. What’s more, they don’t change with the days. This is something your little one will wear day in, day out for who knows how long. So, let them choose the frames they like. Most kids options are pretty reasonable, so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to bankrupt you with their selection. And, they may well be a lot more willing to wear their glasses from that moment on.

Surround them with bespectacled heroes

It’s also worth ensuring your little one knows about all the cool people out there who wear glasses. On the celeb front, names such as Justin Bieber and Megan Fox are sure to go down well. Even if your little one is a cartoon lover, there are plenty of names worth noting. There is, of course, Velma from Scooby Doo with her thick-rimmed bad boys. And, let’s not forget names like Chuckie from Rugrats and Milhouse from The Simpsons. Even Spongebob Squarepants rocks the goggs from time to time!

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