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A little known fact about me – before I became a full-time professional blogger, I was a scrapkit designer as well as a signature tag creator. Now, unless you are an Incredimail junkie – you probably have no idea what a signature tag creator is.

This is an example of a signature tag – you create one using a variety of personal use or commercial use images and elements to create a “tag” that you would put at the end of your email message that had your name on it.

I started out creating signature tags, as I said, and that love affair developed into creating my own scrap kits. One that I did that is still accessible is this one:

Download the Kit Here

Creating scrapkit elements; however, can become costly and exhausting. There are quite a few free items out there, but if you want a themed kit that you can use professionally on your blog or website – you need to make sure you purchase one that states commercial use.

If the scrapkit you like states personal use only – you cannot use it on any project where you may benefit financially from or create something out of the elements to sell.

Creating a Scrapbook of Memories

Even though I no longer create signature tags or scrap kits to sell or give away for free, I do love creating scrapbook pages of my kids and fun things that our family does. Below are two really old pages I created (when the boys were like 7 to 9).

There are so many different ways to scrapbook. You can create scrapbooks from a variety of elements that you purchase from your local craft shop or you can do digital scrapbooking – where you get your scrapbook designs online and create your pages in a graphics program and then you can print them out, or you can use a Cricut to cut out the various graphics you want to use and place them on a paper yourself.

I am so obsessed with all the beautiful graphics available at that I have had a plus membership for the past several years. I prefer doing the digital scrapbooking and then printing out our family creations either surrounding a particular vacation or events that happened throughout the year and having their own separate scrapbook for viewing whenever the family wants to relive those memories.

My husband’s seafood feast for Father’s Day 2018 using elements from

Scrapbooking is a fun, crafty activity that the entire family can be involved in. Gone are the days of just printing out photos and slapping them in a photo album. Don’t keep all those memories bottled inside your phone or in the cloud. Start scrapbooking those great photos and adding whimsical sayings and graphics to them and create your own scrapbook of memories!

So go check out the great variety of products that has to offer. Trust me – you’ll be hooked before you make it to the bottom of the first page of graphics!

Have a Great Week!

Love and Blessings

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