Case•It Binders: Helping Your Child Stay Organized

Prepare your child for the elementary school to middle school transition with Case•It binders and ease one area of stress for your child!

If there is but one thing that I could impress upon elementary school educators it is this – take the time to prepare your rising 6th graders for what middle school is going to be like.

My eldest was not prepared, and he had a really difficult time getting used to the new A/B day schedule, not being allowed to tote a backpack throughout the day, changing classes, and having to be prepared for class with what he would need. There is no “let me run to my locker and grab that quick” in middle school!

Beginning in 2013, our local elementary school that my boys both attended, requested that all of their 5th grade students use a Case•It zippered binder – and nothing else. Thankfully, they are sold locally and online so finding an appropriate binder for each of my kids is not a problem.

Let Me Introduce You!

I love Case•It Binders because they remind me of the TrapperKeepers I used when I was in high school. A little about the construction of these binders:

Kraft Board:  The infrastructure of our binders is made of Kraft board, which is manufactured from wood pulp and is used where high strength is required. Kraft board is more expensive than the industry standard, PE board which is a thin plastic that is prone to warping.

Dual-Rings:  These continue to be our most successful styles. By having two sets of rings, this unique design allows you to store twice as much as a standard ring binder. In addition, we include patent pending hold-down pages, which allow you to secure each side individually. This configuration can be found on Case•It’s Dual-100 and Dual-500 binders.

the_x_hugger the_classic_limited_edition the_classic

Organizational Features:  Many of our products already include all the organizational components you need. Such as built-in 5 tab file folders, pencil cases, media pockets, and a variety of storage solutions.

Angled Zipper Gusset:  Our angled zipper gusset enables you to write freely without the gusset getting in your way.

Handle and Shoulder Strap:  Almost all of Case•It’s binders feature a handle and padded shoulder strap. This is just one more way Case•It is helping you to “make the grade.”

The Case•It Binder Pack

I’m absolutely thrilled that Case•It has introduced the binder pack this year, finally! My kids have been able to reuse their Case•It binders for several years but the backpacks? I’m lucky if I find one that will last three months, let alone the entire school year! So I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that there is finally a backpack that is as durable as the binder itself!

the binder pack

  • Binder is NOT included with purchase
  • Any accessories shown are NOT included or sold separately
  • Specially designed hide-a-way binder holder
  • Binder Holder stores away when not in use
  • Laptop pocket
  • Padded laptop pocket can be accessed from the top or side
  • Laptop pocket is raised off the bottom of the pack to help protect it when you put your pack down
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Has a handle on top too
  • Pockets inside and outside to hold all your stuff
  • Drawstring to close the top
  • Constructed with durable 1680 D fabric
  • Has a handle on top too

Check out the full-range of products and accessories available from Case•It today. Remember at checkout to use Ambassador Sales Code AMBAUID4574. There’s always a great sale to be found at Case•It!

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Nicole Mecham

I am very nervous for when my daughter enters sixth grade! You are right – it is a huge change. Thank you for posting this – I found it extremely helpful!

Faithful Acres Books

I want my kids to be totally organized even if we do homeschool, I love these ! They could use them on trips we go on and thats awesome.


My children usually use just plain three ring binders for each of their classes. I think they would do better with the zip up binders so that they wouldn’t always be loosing their work.

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my children used the ‘trapper/keeper’ binders, and these seem like they are the new & improved versions!

Tansy Diaz

I never use one of this kind of binders, i love that it has a zipper no more paper falling out.


I found this review helpful. I wish they would have had these binders around when my kids were in school.

Stacey Kostich

I like that the binders have a handle and a padded shoulder strap

Christina G.

I’d never heard of this product before. Thanks for sharing!

Traci McCormick

I think this is a great product. I’d never heard of it before.