Celebrate National Watermelon Day

Everyone in our family loves a good, sweet slice of watermelon. It’s one of our favorite summertime go-to treats. In honor of National Watermelon Day today, we thought we would share some of our favorites with you! First up, we have our favorite watermelon pins from Pinterest.

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Celebrating National Watermelon Day with Cascade Ice Water

Last month we introduced our readers to the deliciously refreshing Cascade Ice Sparkling Water and we just had to share some amazing recipes from The Flavorful Life with you! (There are over 100 different recipes on the Cascade Ice blog – be sure to check them out.)

Cascade Ice Melon Mixer
Image and Recipe courtesy of Cascade Ice

Cascade Ice Melon Mixer

Nothing says refreshing more than this Melon Mixer! Fill a glass halfway with ice cubes (try the Fruity Ice Cubes below!) and then add a small handful of blueberries and a few squares of watermelon. Top it off with delicious Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon. Let stand for a minute or two to allow the fruit to enhance the delicious taste of Cascade Ice, and you’ll have a flavorful drink that all of your friends will be raving about!

Fruity Ice Cubes

We think that these fruity ice cubes are the perfect addition to any summertime drink cocktail or beverage you can dream up! Mix and match your favorite fruits to try different flavors and see what you come up with! We’ve got this one to get you started.

Fruity Ice Cubes made with Cascade Ice
Image and Recipe courtesy of Cascade Ice

Simply combine juiced watermelon, muddled raspberries, a touch of mint and Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon to your ice cube trays and sit back and wait for the fun to begin! You can find more combination suggestions on the Cascade Ice blog here and here.

cascade ice watermelon cooler

Watermelon Cooler

A delicious drink that even the little ones can enjoy is the Cascade Ice Watermelon Cooler! This one is a real crowd pleaser and is super easy to serve up in a pitcher!

Begin with 8 ounces of Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon, add a splash of Sprite and some pre-cut fresh watermelon. Stir gently and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite watermelon drink and food recipes? Share them in the comments below and we’ll share them on social media with our readers!

Happy National Watermelon Day!

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  1. Mmmm LOVE watermelon!! I love those fruit cubes!! Will definitely be doing this come Summer!!

  2. We love watermelon and all sorts of fruit. This is a great idea. I love the ice cubes. How cool is that. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Fabulous Fruity Ideas for Watermelon! I Absolutely Love Watermelon & I’m One of the Few People That Does Not Eat My Watermelon with Salt, I Just Can’t Mix My Sweets with My Salts…LOL! It’s Fall Now and We are Still Buying Watermelon at the Grocery Store! Thanks for Sharing These Awesome Tips, I’ll Certainly Keep Them in Mind for the Future! – Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  4. In the summer, we always have a watermelon in the refrigerator. Sometimes we make smoothies with them. Now we have so many more options! Pinning!

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