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I know that I probably don’t talk about Mollyanna (Molly) our Jack Russell Chihuahua mix as often as I should, but she’s an integral part of our family just as much as our two-legged kids are. Unfortunately, being the “baby” of the family and being cute and cuddly – leaves poor Molly getting more treats than she should and nips of dad’s meals and the boys’ junk food. She needs some weight management help – desperately.

Now I talk till I’m blue in the face to the testosterone in the house about feeding her from the table or giving her too many snacks and well, you know how that goes – in one ear and out the other. Hubby swears she’s losing weight and when I get her weighed she’s gained another 3 pounds. On a small dog, that’s a lot. 

So – if I can’t stop THEM, I can make sure that I have healthy treats in the house for her that aren’t going to put a ton of weight on her even if she does get 6 or 7 treats in a day’s time!

Enter the Milk♥Bone Farmer’s Medley selection of products.

Now, I would really love to show you a photo of Molly chowing down on a Milk-Bone treat. Unfortunately, she thinks that they are so good that they are “forbidden treats” – even when I’m the one handing it to her – and she snatches them out of your hand and runs and hides!

I’ve tried for over a week to catch the little rascal noshing on a treat but do you think she’ll let me snap a photo? She crawls behind the sofa or underneath the bed or hides underneath the end table in the living room while she literally inhales these treats!

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Quality Ingredients to Fuel Her Life

Let’s face it – we all agonize over making sure that our families eat food that is healthy, contains quality ingredients, and is just plain good for them. Why should our pets be any different? Dog biscuits have been part of our daily life since we adopted Molly – for training or for treats – and I like to think that we’ve always tried to give her the best ingredients and healthy options available. I had questions, as I’m sure you do too. So listed below we have some quick answers to those most pressing of questions.

Will My Dog Like Them?

Um, hello!!! You are asking the owner of the pickiest four-legged family member whether your dog will like them? Molly has to have one particular type of dog food and will not eat anything else. She’s not quite as finicky about the treats that she eats – but if she doesn’t like the texture, taste, or smell – she doesn’t care if you spent $30 for a small bag of treats – she won’t eat them.

Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley dog biscuits are a fantastic choice. I can guarantee that if Molly will hide when she’s noshing on hers, your finicky eater is going to love them as well!

Are The Ingredients Real, Quality Products?

I can breathe a sigh of relief when I tell you – YES. They use REAL MEAT and REAL VEGETABLES to make Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley dog biscuits. Simple, quality ingredients assure you that you are giving the best product to your dog. Made with real US-sourced beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb and vegetables. (Yes, even the dogs need their vegetables snuck into their meals and disguised as something good – not just the kids!)

In addition, Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley treats are available in grain-free and whole-grain treats. 

Do I Need a Loan Once a Month to Pay for Them?

I don’t know about you, but when the dog’s food begins costing more than the food I’m feeding my entire family for a week – something needs to change. We have tried several other “quality” dog treats and paid a small fortune for them, only to end up giving them away to one of the other resident pet owners here at our apartment complex. Molly took one sniff or one nibble and nope – forget that! 

You don’t have to worry about that with the Farmer’s Medley dog treats. You get premium dog biscuits at an affordable price (cue the singing angels here). 

If you haven’t tried the Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley dog biscuits yet, today is the perfect day to get out and start a change for your own Fido. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on them in the comments below!

To learn more about Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley dog treats (and where you can find them near you), head over to http://bit.ly/2kxpfvC-houseoftestosterone .

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  1. I love that they use REAL ingredients to make these tasty treats!! Way to go Milkbone!

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