Celebrate Your #SuperDad Father’s Day Giveaway

We are rolling out the red carpet and celebrating the Super Dads in our readers lives with a huge extravaganza! Come see what you can win in this #SuperDad Father’s Day Giveaway! Since the giveaway ends the day before Father’s Day, we will be offering a pretty gift certificate that you can download to present to your Dad on Father’s Day if you’re chosen our winner!

Celebrate Your Super Dad Fathers Day Giveaway

Celebrate Your #SuperDad Father’s Day Giveaway

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Most people have one father during their lifetime, I was blessed to actually have three father figures in my life that I love dearly. There was my biological father, Kenny, then my stepfather, David, and for a brief time my foster father, Roger. Each of them were special in their own unique way, and each of them were loved deeply for the gifts that they gave to me every day.

We see tons of advertisements and blog posts about the moms of the world, but rarely do you see advertisements and postings about those special men in our lives. They tend to stay in the shadows, willing to take the back seat to mom, and give their quiet love and encouragement behind the scenes. They don’t ask for recognition for all that they do, the countless hours that they spend working even when they are sick so they can offer a better life for their families, or even to just put the next family meal on the table.

So this year, I wanted to honor those dads of the world who work tirelessly for their families without (much) complaint, that teach our young men how to be better young men, that teach our daughters how a young man should treat her, our fathers who are serving their country and are away from their families, and those that watch over their families as protective as any mother hen ever could. So to those dads everywhere – we thank you for being there for your children and your families.

Happy Father’s Day to All Of You #SuperDads out there!

#SuperDad Father's Day Giveaway - Prize Package 1

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#SuperDad Father's Day Giveaway - Prize Package 2

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Good Luck to Each of You – Let #SuperDad Celebrating Begin!

Super Dad Father’s Day Giveaway

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  1. I lived with my grandmother growing up. It was just us so whenever there was any daddy/daughter things, our neighbor’s husband would go as my daddy. I wish he was still alive so I could thank him for those memories!!!

  2. Camping with my Dad in Yellowstone National Park has to be one of my favorite memories. It was a family vacation and we just had a great time. We hiked, we grilled food over the campfire, we did all those classic camping things… It was one of the best vacations in my memory.

    • Oh wow Katrina!!! Color me completely and totally JEALOUS lol! My mom and dad packed up in a drive camper with my sister (who was only like 2-4 years old at the time if memory serves me correctly) and they drove across country to California. Mom wanted to go – Dad never told her no. I remember she sent me a postcard from Yellowstone National Park and told me how beautiful it was and that one day, I’d have to take a trip and see it as well. I bet it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad you had such a great time! I’m going to drag my kids out camping before they move out of this house come hell or high water lol! My youngest has gone camping, my daughter has gone camping, but the teenager? The most “camping” experience he’s had is spending the night in a tent in a field behind the church we used to attend with his sister for one night. That’s NOT camping lol!

  3. Honestly, I don’t remember any Father’s Days with my Dad. Weird?! Although, with my son’s father, our tradition was to clean and detail his dad’s car ourselves as a do-it-at-home type gift. It was fun and appreciated. 🙂

    • No, not weird Natalie! I have had a hard time recalling some Father’s Day memories – but there have been a few that have popped to mind. I just wish I’d have had the chance to build more of them with my biological father as well as my stepfather.

  4. We went out to eat then we went fishing and talked about the true meaning of life which is family and spending time with one another.

  5. Every day I have with my father is one worth remembering. Time has slipped by so fast and he is much older. It saddens me to see him this way. He taught me everything I know. He is the kind of man every man should be. Lots of favorite memories but I am tearing up right now so that is it for now.

    • I know what you mean @saleago:disqus. When I was a teenager, couldn’t wait to “grow up” and move away from my mom and stepdad. The years go by, and before you know it – it had been like 10 years since I’d been home. Made a few trips home now and again, but since my mom passed and now my stepdad as well – I’m glad that I had the time that I did with them and glad that I called them often … even if I didn’t get home to see them.

      I’m horrible about calling. I need to call my biological father more often. He doesn’t “do” email or text messaging … he doesn’t even have a television in his living room. He is a quiet man, a man of few words, but everything he says you know comes from the heart.

      The first photo is my biological father – Ken – and sad to say that it’s the only picture that I have of the two of us together. Need to fix that, soon. The second photo is my stepdad – Dave – who (long story) was the only dad that I really knew my entire life. My mom remarried when I was just 5 to Dave and he’s just always been “dad” to my brother and I … I didn’t find out that Ken was my biological father till I was 16 or 17 years old.

      Love them hard, those daddies of ours, because before you know it – they’re just a whisper on the wind.

    • LOL – I remember my dad on the grill … nobody was allowed to touch anything on it except for him. That was HIS domain and HIS bragging rights lol. Dad used to cook a lot of stuff over an open campfire for us too – he sure had a knack for making some mouthwatering goodies that’s for sure!

  6. I have many fond memories of celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad! He was a gentle quiet man that always enjoyed everything I cooked or did for him 🙂 R.I.P. Stanley <3

  7. I can’t remember any memorable memories with my dad. He’s been dead since 12/23/1987. I remember that he died 3 days before my wedding day & a few of my relatives didn’t show because we didn’t cancel it out of respect for him. Also we went to a memorial instead of a honeymoon.

  8. I was personally an orphan so I do not have a memory of a father figure for myself but I can share this… My spouse is the best father figure I have ever met! He is stepfather to my three children but treats them entirely as his own. He is a retired USMC veteran which gives him the time to actually be a father. My favorite memory is when he bought my youngest a brand new saxophone for his birthday. There was an error in the shipping process and instead of the package being delivered to our home, it was left at the UPS facility for him to pick up, 40 miles from our home and we don’t own a vehicle, we bicycle everywhere. My spouse spent an entire day bicycling the 80 miles there AND home with a huge saxophone case strapped to his back, in the heat, for half the trip! I am in awe of his dedication to our entire family, I don’t know any other parent that is disabled and will bicycle 80 miles just for a child’s birthday present, let alone a step parent! To say we are blessed to have him is an understatement!

    • Oh wow @RolledASeven:disqus – kudos to your husband!!! It’s sad to say … but there aren’t a lot of dads who do that. My own stepfather was like your husband. Always treated us as though we were his own – in fact – I didn’t even learn that he WASN’T our biological father until I was about 14 or 15! Please give him a huge hug for me today – Memorial Day – and tell him said thank you for his service to our country. He sounds like an amazing man, and I’m honored for you to have shared that with us. Thank you!

    • That is so awesome @stephaniephelps:disqus! We could never get my dad in past his knees lol. He always wore a button up shirt and a cut-off pair of jean shorts too whenever we’d go swimming! It was a hoot – oh, and his hat! Can’t forget his hat or his head would burn (he was bald) – miss that man so much!

      • Ahh so much fun the memories! My Dad after he got older would wear cowboy but and cut off short with a dress shirt and oh yeah the white tube socks up to his knees lol. He was a sight!