Celebrating My Baby Boy

My youngest son, Tre, turned 10 on Wednesday, March 13th. I still cannot believe that he’s 10 years old. Double-digits. I’m not even going to discuss how old that makes me feel lol! I mean – look at that adorable face! How can he possibly be 10 years old already?

I gave him lots of love and cuddles on his actual birthday, but we planned his birthday party for this weekend (Saturday to be exact) so that friends from school and from around the complex could attend and come out and have fun with him celebrating his birthday.

I spent all day Friday and Saturday getting the last minute touches done for his party, picking up his gift (and then having to return the damn thing because there were issues with it … an XBox 360 which he has been asking for for about 2 years or more!), but the day of the party, even though I was cutting it close – everything went off without a hitch and he had a fantastic time.

I thought I would share some of the photos I took of the festivities with you all…

He had a great time, as did the boys that attended – and I’m still recovering! Hoping that things will be back to normal come Monday with school starting back up once again – and then I can relax and get things back in order here at home and get on my calendar again and get back to the business at hand of running this household! Until then, ciao!!!

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