Celebrating National Book Lovers Day with a Giveaway

Today is National Book Lovers Day, and this particular book lover could not think of a better way to celebrate than by offering up some of our favorite books in a giveaway for all of you book lovers out there!

national book lovers day celebration and giveaway

We are thrilled to be able to bring you the following six fabulous books for this giveaway:

Wings of the Divided - The Divided Book 1 - C.J. SullivanWings of the Divided – The Divided Book 1
Fallen angel Laphelle has been sent on a mission to modern-day Earth, along with two of his comrades, to start fresh chaos behind the scenes. But everything changes when he hears the sound of the violin one fateful night. The heavenly music stirs thoughts of his life before the Fall, a time he does not consciously remember. Confused and intrigued, he begins to spiral out of control when he discovers he can actually play the violin with stunning talent. This unknown skill, along with the surprising relationship he develops with the violin’s owner, pushes him to question his role in the war of good and evil. An emotional, character-driven adventure, at times humorous and fun, and at others dark and horrific, Wings of the Divided is the first book in an epic trilogy that explores the sacred bond of friendship, the universal power of music, and the question of redemption.

The beginning of an epic trilogy from C.J. Sullivan, you can read our review here, and don’t miss our review of the The Divided Book 2 – Blade of the Divided and The Divided Book 3 – Song of the Divided. This is one trilogy that will have you on the edge of your seats! $8.99 – Amazon.com

What's the Deal with Teens and Time ManagementWhat’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management?
Time management is a challenge for everyone, but it is a particularly daunting challenge for middle and high school students. There is an expectation that at their age they should be independent and know how to get things done on their own. But teens are busier than ever. Between homework, school, afterschool activities, family, friends, jobs, and more, teens often find that their time is truly NOT their own. Add in the fact that they often lack the tools to manage their time; maybe it’s a little unrealistic for parents to expect their teenagers to instinctively know how to manage time. This is a user-friendly guide full of best practice solutions for helping teens stay on top of their homework, avoid procrastination traps, get out the door in the morning with minimal conflict and manage the use of their electronics. In a readable, breezy and witty fashion, Josel opens the door to the world of time management, what it really means, why it’s important and why your teen probably doesn’t “get it.”

Author Leslie Josel gives you the FIVE mindsets parents need to start their teen on the journey of time management awareness. Filled with case studies, useful resources, Leslie’s straight talk and much, much more! Time Management is a Life Skill that Doesn’t Come Naturally to Everyone. It Can be Learned. Be sure to read our review$9.95 – Amazon.com

the magical world of sebella legend of halloweenThe Magical World of Sebella: Legend of Halloween
Do you know the legend of Halloween? Three Little Werewolves live on the outskirts of a town called Skullvilla. They are powerful and important. On October 31st when the sun goes down, the werewolves must howl into the night sky to awaken the moon and signal Halloween to begin. If this doesn’t happen, it will not get dark. And you know what that means…there will be no Halloween since no one goes trick-or-treating in the daylight.

It is All Hallows’ Eve and Sebella, Drac, Prudence, Kendall and Grandma are having their annual dinner at the Black Cat Café. All the magical creatures from Skullvilla are there. The Fangs, Frankie and Francesca Stein and their little monsters, the Invisible Man and his curvy mummy date and of course, Bones. Nothing out of the ordinary… until a hairy paw appears and grabs Grandma! Could the hairy paw belong to one of Three Little Werewolves? Is the Legend of Halloween true? Can they find Grandma? Will there be a Halloween this year?

Author Thea Berg entices young (and old) readers alike with her enchanting tales. Be sure to check out our review$6.08 – Amazon.com

Things in DitchesThings in Ditches
Vicky Johnson’s killer rolled onto his right side, drew his knees up under the warm covers and cautiously peeked through the darkness at the crisp digits of the clock-radio counting his last moments on earth, death waiting patiently for him to shower and dress. The secret he thought, is not to open your eyes and let the world in.

So begins the story of Dutch Cleland, a man with a hidden past and a future about to explode in his face. A seemingly average man whose love for two women drives him to such extremes that deception, even murder and suicide are no longer unthinkable. From author Jimmy Olsen$24.95 – Amazon.com

Poison MakersPoison Makers
In Poison Makers, as in Things In Ditches, Jimmy Olsen once again turns the traditional mystery on its head and shakes out stories of diplomats run amuck, deadly Cuban lovers, Caribbean voodoo and New York City car chases. Not a drug dealer, terrorist or serial killer in sight, but a protagonist, Edgar Espinosa-Jones (EJ), a reader can root for. A story that can be dark, but with uncontrived thrills that provoke both laughter and apprehension. Characters appear from the depth of Haitian Vodoun and Catholic Santo Domingo, and are little different from those who live next door to us, even if some are zombies.

EJ accepts an assignment from his enigmatic mentor Garrett Yancy to investigate the seemly innocent death of U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Adam Quist. His first job is to interview one of the Ambassador’s daughters at a secret rendezvous in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he is drawn to her by an uncanny intensity as they travel dark streets toward a forbidden voodoo ceremony. Soon after, EJ is in terror for his life, running and hiding until he can find nowhere safe and is forced to make his last stand. Live or die.

Poison Makers is anything but the usual mystery. Set in the turbulent 1970s, the Caribbean seethes with political intrigue, revolutionaries, superstition, violence and EJ’s own tangled love affairs. With the help of his best friend, a crooked Dominican cop, EJ’s split nationality (Dominican/American) and quirky view of life combine to solve the mysteries at whatever cost. $15.73 – Amazon.com

The Hero of Blind Pig IslandThe Hero of Blind Pig Island
This collection of island stories carries the reader from daring adventures beneath the Caribbean Sea to tense conflict on a deserted island near the Canadian border. Love stories and private eyes, a boy living on a lonely salt cay and a girl’s dream of freedom at sea, hurricanes and heroes — all told with humor ad the insight that comes from firsthand experience. From author Jimmy Olsen, this collection is sure to be a favorite! $12.93 – Amazon.com

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This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older. Each of our sponsors have their own shipping information which is as follows: Jimmy Olsen – US winners will receive the hardcover version; Canadian winners will receive the Kindle version. Thea Berg – US/CAN winners will receive the paperback version. Leslie Josel – US/CAN winners will receive the paperback version. C.J. Sullivan is offering the winner their choice of paperback or Kindle. This giveaway ends at 11:59PM EST on August 23, 2015. One winner will receive all six of the books listed. Participating promotional bloggers are not responsible for shipment of the books. Each book will be sent by the individual authors.

Good luck to each of you and happy reading this National Book Lovers Day!

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